ANS - Planetary Snooker EP - OWN 023

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ANS - Planetary Snooker EP - OWN 023

Post by ans » Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:21 am

Planetary Snooker EP
ANS came a long way from tekno sound system background, through breakbeat djing to dubstep. Soon he became one of the most innovative Czech dubstep producers and one of few that release their records in UK. His neverending voyage for new sound brought him to the realm when techno and minimal music meets dubstep subbasses. This is future music pushing sound boundaries further again. Deep, hypno, and smooth. Enjoy.

Owntempo Recordings is a Czech Republic based dubstep/grime label focused on releasing interesting material from Czech and Slovak producers. We believe that dubstep should still keep its experimental side therefore we try to fuse it with techno, hip hop and experimental electronic music.


ANS - Planetary Snooker EP // Owntempo Recordings 3.0 € EU / 2.46 €

1. Bleak Mind
2. Mechanical Dub
3. Planetary Snooker ... snooker_ep


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