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Greetings All,

Always busy at the shop and Sepalcure are tearing up the instore podcast as I write this. If you’d like to tune in and hear what Machinedrum and Praveen are dropping, please do so by following this link via dailysession.com here: http://dailysession.com/listen.m3u

Feel free to come through any Thursday, have a drink and soak in the incredible music as you browse our collections.
If you cant make it, we stream live via dailysession.comBlessup audio archives here: http://halcyonline.com/blog/category/ev ... -thursday/
Past Dailysession Audio Archives here: http://bit.ly/1AJSXO (dailysession.com)

BLESSUP @ HALCYON THE SHOP : 6-9 PM EVERY THURSDAY : FREE : BYOB : 57 Pearl Street @ Water in Dumbo.
1st Thursdays: Konkrete Jungle Residens: Human? & Liondub + Special guests drop Bassline, Dubstep & Old School Jungle:
2nd Thursdays: Soul Selections: Dj Moma / Anthony Avatar & Liondub drop variety: old school electro, house, disco, breaks, uk funky, garage, bassline & 2step.
3rd Thursdays: Dubwar Instore featuring Dave Q / Alex Incyde / Liondub & Special guest appearances from their Dubwar monthly event. Always heavy!
4th Thursdays: Percussion Lab ft. Praveen, Guardian, MachineDrum & special guests bring you Love Step, two step, garage. That deep isht1

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sweet lot of new releases this week including the gem that is the new Mount Kimbie LP on Hotflush ‘Crooks & Lovers.’ Also new releases from Icicle, Headhunter, Zinc and Triad. Freshness from Digital Soundboy, Transistor, Deca, Aus, Hospital, Triple Seed, Critical and more. Always finding new gems and acquiring used collections, so please let us know if you are selling your collections.

Halcyon’s new release list for the week of 07.22.10  
All titles are available now in store at Halcyon the Shop.

Drum & Bass New Arrivals & Restocks 07/22/10
8 Bits 'So Good' 12in (Digital Soundboy)
Artificial Intelligence 'Three's A Crowd / Blind Eye' 12in (V Recordings)
ASC 'Nothing Is Certain' 3xLP (Nonplus)
Bassface Sascha 'International Sound VIP / End Of Line' 12in (Stereotypez)
Bladerunner & Serum 'Back To The Jungle / Who Jah Bless' 12in (Critical)
Blue Motion 'Only Words / Only Words' 12in (Influenza Media)
Break & Silent Witness 'Kontroller' 12in (Triple Seed)
Cabbie 'Gargon / Dreaming' 12in (Class A)
Calibre 'Judgement Day' 2x12in (Samurai Red Seal)
Calibre 'Late Night Squeeze EP' 2x12in (Signature)
Camo & Crooked 'Reincarnation / Climax' 12in (Hospital)
Crystal Clear 'Strength In Numbers EP' 2x12in (Front Line)
Culture Shock 'Bad Red / Surprise' 12in (Ram Records)
D Bridge 'Wonder Where / No Future' 12in (Non Plus)
Data / Kingsin 'The Visitor / Baggage' 12in (Deep Soul Music)
Jakes & TC / DJ Marky & SPY 'Swerve / Fang Face' 12in (D Style)
Loxy & Resound / Munk & No Money 'Deadly Venom / Driving Force' 12in (Def:Ltd)
Madmen & Poets 'Scandinavian Sunday Album Sampler' 12in (Fokuz Recordings)
Mampi Swift 'Black Box / Dark River' 12in (Charge)
Mindscape 'Damn Tough / Vibrations' 12in (Commercial Suicide)
Mindscape 'Maniac / Zombie Nation' 12in (Obsessions)
Need For Mirrors 'Gallows / Nevada' 12in (Shogun Limited)
Netsky 'Netsky' 4xLP (Hospital)
Netsky Feat. Jenna G 'Moving With You' 12in (Hospital)
Noisia  'Split The Atom Vision EP' 2x12in (Vision)
Nymfo 'Matchstick / Bionic Fingers' 12in (Commercial Suicide)
Original Sin 'Grow Your Wings' 5xLP (Playaz)
Original Sin 'Grow Your Wings' 2xCD (Playaz)
Original Sin & Taxman 'Back For More / Evasion Remix' 12in (Image)
Pendulum  'Watercolor ' 12in (WEA)
Rockwell 'Stowaway' 2x12in (Digital Soundboy)
S.P.Y. 'Out Of The Blue / Eclipse' 12in (Traffic)
Sato 'Dystopia / House Groove' 12in (Creative Source)
Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw 'The Joy (Face To Face) / Painted Skies' 12in (Secret Operations)
Serial Killaz 'Worries In The Dance Remixes' 12in (Killadubz)
Spectrasoul 'Glimpse / Absentis' 12in (Shogun Audio)
SPY 'Dark Age / Loneliness' 12in (CIA)
Top Cat 'Champion DJ' 5xLP (Streetlife)
Total Science & SPY 'Gangsta / Above The Clouds' 12in (Shogun Audio)
Ulterior Motive 'Featherweight / Glued' 12in (Subtitles UK)
Utah Jazz 'Quincy / Pharcyde VIP' 12in (Unknown)
V/A 'Internal Affairs Vol. 2' 2x12in (Horizons Music)
V/A 'Sick Music 2' 4xLP (Hospital)
Visionary 'Bad Man (Serum VIP) / (Stalefish VIP)' 12in (On Point)
Xample & Lomax 'Remember / Rushin' Dragon' 12in (Ram)
Zinc 'Crack House vol.2' 2x12in (Bingo Bass)

Dubstep New Arrivals & Restocks 07/22/10
Actress 'Splazsh' 2xLP (Honest Jon's)
Al Tourettes & Appleblim 'Lipsmacker' 12in (Aus Music)
Baobinga [Untold] 'Ride It' 12in (Baobinga Build)
Becoming Real 'Fast Motion' 12in (Ramp Recordings)
Caspa  'Terminator / Marmite (Remixes)' 12in (Sub Soldiers)
Cyrus & Tunnidge 'Ding Ding/Lights' 12in (Origin Audio)
Dark Arx 'Blood Vein' 12in (Dark Arx)
Dark Sky 'Something ZTo Lose / Ghostnotes' 12in (Black Acre)
Dep One / Sonwah Fresh 'Old Skool Dub / Eskimo Jam' 12in (Code Of Arms)
DJ Madd (Ikonika Remix) 'Flex'd / Detroit Skank' 12in (Boka)
DJ Naughty 'Firepower' 12in (Roska Kicks & Snares)
Drop The Lime 'Devil's Eyes Remixes' 12in (Trouble And Bass)
Furesshu 'Untitled' 12in (Project Squared)
George Fitzgerald 'The Let Down / Weakness' 12in (Hotflush)
Headhunter / Gatekeeper 'Ginneys' 12in (Transistor)
Headhunter & Orrphan 'Hocus Pocus / V710' 12in (Deca Rhythm)
I.D 'Mustang EP' 12in (Sub Slayers)
Icicle 'Xylophobia / Xylophobia Minimal Dub ' 12in (Shogun Audio)
Ikonika 'Video Delays / They Are All Losing The War / Psoriasis / Look' 12in (Hyperdub)
James Blake  'CMYK EP' 12in (R&S)
Joe 'Untitled / Digest' 12in (Apple Pips)
Joy Orbison 'The Shrew Would Have' 12in (Aus Music)
Komonazmuk 'Dance Too' 12in (Apple Pips)
Kryptic Minds 'Wasteland / Hybrid' 12in (Osiris Music)
Manic 'Thug' 12in (Terrorhythm Recordings)
Mensah 'Untitled Future Funk EP' 12in (Hench)
Monkey Steak 'Hyped Up' 12in (Steak House)
Mount Kimbie 'Crooks & Lovers' 2xLP (Hotflush Recordings)
Orson 'Madness' 12in (Version)
Propatingz 'Poor Man Style / Wickedest Sound' 12in (Off Road)
Pursuit Grooves 'Fox Trot Mannerisms' 12in (Tectonic)
Redlight 'Stupid ft. Roses Gabor/ Stupid (Instrumental)' 12in (Digital Soundboy)
Royal T / Martin Kemp '1 Up Or Shatup EP' 12in (No Hats No Hoods)
SBTRKT & Sampha 'Break Off' 12in (Ramp Recordings)
Sepalcure 'Love Pressure' 12in (Hotflush Recordings)
Seven & Elvee 'Breakdown / Moonshine' 12in (Wheely Dealy)
Soundproof Productions '3 Degrees/Jungle Story' 12in (Soundproof)
SRC 'Going Out EP' 12in (Rwina)
Unknown 'Sweet Reggae Music' 12in (Sweetie)
Vista & Presence Known 'Their Prey / Water Torture' 12in (Boka)
West Norwood Cassette Library 'What It Is / What It Is' 10in (WNCL)
Zero G / Marcus Visionary 'Aint No Joke / Downtown' 12in (+ Thought)
Africa Hitech 'Hitecherous EP' 2x12in (Warp)
Mount Kimbie 'Crooks & Lovers' CD (Hotflush Recordings)
Pursuit Grooves 'Fox Trot Mannerims' CD (Tectonic)
Scuba 'Eclipse / Tense' 12in (Abucs)
Syndaesia 'Turbulence' CD (Code Of Arms)
Flying Lotus 'Cosmogramma' CD (Warp)
Scuba 'Triangulation' CD (Hotflush)

For further info on all of this and more to come,  
Please follow halcyon on twitter: http://twitter.com/halcyon_nyc



Erik a/k/a LionDub
halcyon the shop
buyer: drum & bass / jungle / dubstep / hip-hop / reggae
Liondub’s hours : tuesday / thursday : 12 - 9 pm

shop : 57 Pearl St. Brooklyn, NY 11201
mail : 45 Washington St. PMB 192 Brooklyn, NY 11201
phone : 718.260.9299
fax : 718.643.2031
Email : liondub[at]halcyonline[dot]com
label : http://www.myspace.com/liondubinternational

blog : http://www.halcyonline.com
download : http://www.halcyondigi.com
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Halcyon The Shop
addy: 57 Pearl St. Brooklyn, NY 11201
phone : 718 260.9299
Email : liondub[at]halcyonline[dot]com
blog : http://www.halcyonline.com
mail order : http://www.halcyontheshop.com
download : http://www.halcyondigi.com


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big up ! every time i go in there, there's a whole stack of shit i want to buy. support real live music stores people !!!
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New Arrivals This Week | Bass Culture as of 3/10/2011

Post by +liondub+ » Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:49 am

New Arrivals This Week | Bass Culture as of 3/10/2011 To order any of the following items email shop@halcyonline.com or call (718) 260-9299. We ship worldwide. Supplies are limited - orders are filled on a first come / first served basis. We're on a mission to put some pep in your step and some boom in your room this week with heavy heavy Dubstep, Drum and Bass and Bassline vinyl stock. Top picks include Breakage's "Fighting Fire," Actress "Harrier Attk," Boddika "Elektron," and Horsepower Productions' "Quest For Sonic Bounty!"

Chase & Status Blind Faith Ft. Liam Bailey 12in (Ram) Item No. 17162 $12.99
Image Danny Byrd Shock Out / Labyrinth 12in (Hospital) Item No. 91136 $11.99
Image Dj Hazard Busta Move / Death March 12in (Playaz) Item No. 16545 $12.99
Image Enei Cracker / Danger Dance 12in (Criticail) Item No. 17311 $12.99
Image Need For Mirrors Pitchfork / Type 4 12in (Shogun Limited) Item No. 17320 $12.99
Image Seba & Paradox The Light / As If 12in (Critical) Item No. 17279 $12.99
Image Spectrasoul Lost Disciple / Reminisce 12in (Shogun Limited) Item No. 17318 $12.99
Image Subwave Raindance / Naked Lunch 12in (Metalheads) Item No. 17287 $12.99
Image Total Science & SPY Venue Prime 12in (Subtitles) Item No. 17309 $12.99
Image Wickaman & RV Deep Down / The Source 12in (Mosquito) Item No. 17281 $12.99
Image A Made Up Sound Demons 12in (A Made Up Sound) Item No. 16213 $14.99
Image Actress Harrier Attk 12in (NonPlus) Item No. 17307 $14.99
Image Bare / Silver Haterz /Player Haterz Ball 12in (Basshead) Item No. 17286 $12.99
Image Boddika Elektron 12in (Swamp81) Item No. 17306 $14.99
Image Breakage Fighting Fire 12in (Digital Soundboy) Item No. 17305 $13.99
Image DJ Madd / Matt U ARPZ300 / Hidden 12in (Subway) Item No. 17310 $12.99
Image Emi Ono Kuro Shinju / Moon 12in (Hotflush) Item No. 92840 $12.49
Image Ena Sign / Instinctive 12in (7even) Item No. 17284 $13.99
Image Harry Craze WA6 12in (Deep Medi Music) Item No. 99353 $12.39
Image Helixir Summertime 12in (7even) Item No. 17285 $13.99
Image Horsepower Productions Quest For The Sonic Bounty 3xLP (Tempa) Item No. 17316 $33.99
Image Icicle Breathing Again Ft. Proxima / Redemption Ft. Robert Owens 10in (Shogun) Item No. 17319 $12.99
Image James Blake James Blake 2xLP (Atlas Recordings Worldwide) Item No. 17092 $54.99
Image James Blake Limit To Your Love 10in (Atlas) Item No. 16788 $14.99
Image James Blake The Wilhelm Scream 12in (Atlas) Item No. 17303 $14.99
Image James Blake CMYK EP 12in (R&S) Item No. 11359 $13.99
Image Katy B Ft. Ms. Dynamite Lights On 12in (Rinse) Item No. 16662 $12.99
Image Kryptic Minds Cant Sleep Ft. Alys Be 12in (Back Box) Item No. 17317 $12.99
Image Magnetic Man Getting Nowhere Ft. John Legend 12in Remixed by Breakage & Skream (Columbia) Item No. 17282 $12.99
Image Pangaea Inna Daze 12in (Hessle Audio) Item No. 17308 $12.99
Image Peverelist & Hyetal The Hum / rrrr 12in (Punch Drunk) Item No. 15505 $12.99
Image Photek Avalance 12in (Photek Productions) Item No. 17304 $13.99
Image Pinch Croydon House / Elements 12in (Swamp 81) Item No. 15504 $14.99
Image Prolix & Nocturnal Consequence / Existence 12in (Metalheadz) Item No. 16029 $11.99
Image Ramadanman Fall Short / Work Them 12in (Swamp 81) Item No. 12127 $14.99
Image SP:MC & LX One Down / Judgement 12in (Tempa) Item No. 17283 $12.99
Image Starkey Space Traitor Vol. 1 12in (Civil Music) Item No. 17302 $11.99
Image V.I.V.E.K. Kulture / Meditation Rock 12in (Deep Medi Music) Item No. 99426 $12.99
Image Jam City Magic Drops 12in (Night Slugs) Item No. 17313 $12.99
Image Martyn/Mike Slott All Nights/Pointing Fingers 12in (All City Ireland) Item No. 16928 $13.99
Image V/A The Bristol Reggae Explosion LP (Bristol Archive Records) Item No. 17312 $21.99


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