Poll: ONLY NON DJING HEADS - Download vs. Buy

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Non DJ ing Heads... Do you buy or do you download? Be Honest Please!

I Buy (Beatport, Bleep, Boomkat etc)
I Download any listenable bitrate
I Download strictly 320's
Total votes: 8

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Poll: ONLY NON DJING HEADS - Download vs. Buy

Post by nicon » Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:10 pm

okey pop quizz hot shots...

im conducting a little poll and whould like to know if you non DJing Dubstep heads buy mp3's / wavs for just your listening pleasure (on beatport, boomkat, bleep etc etc) or download them "Illigally" ... im not here to police people im just curious... so please be honest!! so once again.. this only applies if you DONT DJ in any way and just like to listen to dubstep..

Also if you download please let me know what your opinion is about the bitrate quality... Do you download strictly 320kbps mp3's? or don't you care as long as its listenable on your I-Pod or speaker system?

i didnt include youtube as i dont think all you kids are all connected to youtube 24/7 (on a bus or at uni) and your prolly smart enough to download youtube rippers
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