Glade Festival Dubstep line up so far....

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Post by adam_misst » Sun Jul 22, 2007 11:02 pm

Bare mud but had a good time...

terrential rain for 14hours made the site well deep with mud, and the quick storm later on in the next day destroyed my tent so had to head home :(

walked through (no joke) knee deep mud for about 5 mins to get out of the pedestrian exit on saturday night...

the car park was so deep in mud, it didn't look like any cars were getting out, i hope people make it out okay...

not happy about having to leave but had a wicked time on the thursday and friday night! vibes were good though despite the weather!

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Post by phletch » Mon Jul 23, 2007 7:28 am

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Post by phletch » Mon Jul 23, 2007 8:22 am

OK so were all gonna post here , yeh (here's me starting a new thread ...doh!)

awesome weekend ......
after the pure chaos to get onsite and mud fest all weekend
(my partner in crime JON had to wade through knee high floods barefoot to get in on friday.......) :0 TRUE DUBSTEP SOLDIER - - BIG UP!

to hear pinch open up the overkill tent in these circumstances on sat to a packed tent . . deep as fuck and went down a bloody storm . . funktion 1 system was fat.

mary anne smashed it too . . . good to see a dj's bouncing about to the tunes they play . . missed bass clef......

coki showed why hes one of the hottest producers out there with a killer killer set on his own stuff.......serious sub pressure where i was front stage left.....from bass wobblers to serious deep beats and reggae vocals it was superb selection.again rammed! show :(

mala headlined the breakbeat stage hosted by tayo...deep dmz heavy selection plus a few new un's........

great festival......other highlights for me.....
staying dry
top chap local resident giving me lift through the floods to the site on the back of his landrover

someone moving and re pitching my tent after i pitched in the wrong place on thurs . . and left to go home as i had to work fri am.....

derrick may,
beardyman beatboxing with sampler ..awesome.
mid afternoons in sancho panza dj's johnny rock and eren...wicked deep house....
freaks live and walking past the outdoor psy trance stage this morning to hear deep minimal techno from tejada and loco dice blasting out . . LUSH

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Post by rob_booth » Mon Jul 23, 2007 10:28 am

great pictures/visuals and review phletch

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the wiggle baron
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Post by the wiggle baron » Mon Jul 23, 2007 10:40 am

Hooooly jesus that was interesting. Subtly different to the other glades...

I really cant summon the energy to commit here, suffice to say pinch was absoloutely phenomenal, mah smacked it (and she can mix now! :D ) pity about bass clef though, was well keen for a bit...(pity about monkeysteak 'n' all) Coki was firing. That man hasnt half made some bigguns ey...

Dunno what happened to loefah. Mala and coki seemed just as in the dark about where he got to as we did. Pity though, I was very much in the mood.

And mala...fucking hell. Absoloutely ridiculous set. Was finally good to hear dubstep on the (slightly bigger) breaksday system, and that combined with a truly enormous set from mala (just tune after tune after tune...) was a well good end to it all.

Non-dubstep wise it went off n all. Bang face was SO banging. Never knew who was on, but there was plenty of jungle that was just absoloutely going off. And the DJ producer at the end was fairly :D :D :D

At the breaksday I caught a few big sets. JMekka, Baobinga & ID, the plump DJ's. Was niiiiiice! Baobinga opening with witness didn't half shake the place up a bit (not a patch on mala dropping it at dmz though...)

Didnt see all that much of hawtin due to bangface, but Magda was well good. As was what I saw of Derrick May (I was dieing that night though, crashed out at like 3)

Anyway, too much to remember here. Good to meet badgatek and Decibella (hope your birthday kept on going into the sunday night :P ) if only briefly. Oh, I think i spotted you at pinch pk, but then find my way dropped or something...and...y'know :P

Anyhoo, im going back to bed. Big!
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Post by hanuman » Mon Jul 23, 2007 10:41 am

Checking my emails on a muddy laptop from a clean dry bed. Lush!

We got to play at on Friday! Props to the Overkill boys and gals for getting that tent open and mad props to the ravers skanking down the front for our set.

My housemate took about 900 photos of the event so will post the best ones asap.

Highlights: Beardyman, KJ Sawka, Iration Steppas, Mala and Squarepusher!

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compound one
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Post by compound one » Mon Jul 23, 2007 10:51 am

Jesus... i know my brother went so i'll find out a bit from him.

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thump rat
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Post by thump rat » Mon Jul 23, 2007 1:51 pm

That were Messy in every sense of the word!

Got there Thursday when it was nice and sunny, but waking up friday was quite possibly the most depressed i have ever been, no wellies and no waterproofs, but once i got some wellys i was good to go.

Caught the last 6-7 tunes of pinch, then stayed for MAH who played a good set in a quiet tent but with good vibes, felt a bit weird raving in the day tho. Buggered off halfway through thanks to boomkat and komanazmuk, what happened the rest of the night remains a mystery to me :lol: :( :o

Due to over excessive substance abuse i wasn't feeling too good on sunday, only to be woken up by a messy Tim exile pestering me for nitrous oxide and talking utter shite! Somehow managed to trapse it over to see coki, whose mixing was off, but delivered his trademark tunes and had the place rocking. The system although was still quiet was sounding nice. Loefah didn't show up, which was almost a relief as i was worst for ware at that time, tbh i don't think i could imagine Loefah in wellies! apparently he was hungover which seems a bit of a shit reason tbh!

Caught Mala who played a slick set with tight mixing and had the place packed and rocking by the end of his set, but the sound once again was weightless! Got turned up half way through thanks to my mate shouting abuse to the soundman.

Also there was a sick, dubsteppy set from someone in the liquid tent on friday (which was a pleasant suprise as its prodominantly psy trance :evil: but had the best conditions and was the loudest tent).

Overall, great time, despite the weather, but next year i hope they up the soundsystem as it seriously let the place down.

dick jones
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Post by dick jones » Mon Jul 23, 2007 2:18 pm

the systems were very wack, it has too be said. and as i wasn't chewing my lips off like a speng this really irritetaed me. Pinch was sick and MAH was worth seeing just to hear mud getting played. Coki was a bit of a let down, bad boy tunes but mixing was a bit brok and this system was the worst at that point. stiil managed to rave it up and have a good time though. saw some mental gabba in overkill on sat night, wasn't sure who it was but it twisted my melon! Squarepusher was dope as ever! the highlight for me was standing around waiting for pill munchin mugs to dropp in the mud filled pot holes. bare joke, even a copper fell in!

i'm cashing you out!

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Post by docdoom » Mon Jul 23, 2007 2:48 pm

Did Assault play? I thought all Overkill was off on friday and took to many contraband substances to realize it was back on...Be gutted to have missed him!!

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Post by computer rock » Mon Jul 23, 2007 4:34 pm

so much mud....

quick rundown of things...

the sound at overkill was a bit of a letdown. might have been due to the equipment getting fucked up but they still turned it way way down after midnight, gotta respect the neighbours and all that but midnight is usually when things are just getting started. maybe they need to find a new site


fucking beardyman. wasn't expecting that at all. what a sick tnuc.
congo natty on friday night (or was it saturday i can't remember)
clark with the live drumming was fucking heavy
mala closing the breaksday tent, just a shame it was the same time as squarepusher
also big up coki for rocking the plastic bag on feet styles

overall a jolly good time i think

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Post by boney » Tue Jul 24, 2007 11:57 am

Big Up Pinch - Soldier

Big up the bods I met while helping to bail out the Overkill Stage so that Pinch could come on.

Gutted Bass Clef didn't play.

Venetian Snares was the bollox.

I've been to all the previous ones but I've never witnessed the most fiendish bods at that festival mixed with mud before. Some Absolute Shockers :o ... Big up all the mud eating beasts. They're probably still there! :D

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Post by jimmer » Tue Jul 24, 2007 12:43 pm

large up to pinch and monkey steak both for heavy sets

and oth the DMZ boys... where the fuck was loefah??

loved the mud! and loved havin a skank with mala right at the front of coki's set! bass/sound was not enough in overkill but nice one for gettin it open again :D
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bob crunkhouse
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Post by bob crunkhouse » Tue Jul 24, 2007 1:08 pm

yeh what did happen with Loefah?

hope that guy wasnt right, and that he was just hung over!

pissed off that you dont even get an explanation or anything, just someone else playing stupid Gypsy techno for an hour.
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Post by badger » Tue Jul 24, 2007 1:09 pm

boney wrote: Gutted Bass Clef didn't play.
yeah me too, was well annoyed.
overkill wasnt as good as it could have been but at least it reoponed. almost died when i finally got to glade on friday after a 8 hour drive in horrible weather then having to wade down a road in waist deep water for half an hour only to find out overkill was closed!
excellent weekend anyway, was lovely when the sun came out on sunday

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Post by rekordah » Tue Jul 24, 2007 1:39 pm

Bob Crunkhouse wrote:someone else playing stupid Gypsy techno for an hour.

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