Slugplates 1st Birthday - Free Release Inside!

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Slugplates 1st Birthday - Free Release Inside!

Post by cogent » Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:01 pm

To celebrate Slugplates 1st Birthday, here is a little give back to say thank you to all the people that have supported me in the labels first year!

Those of you that know me will know the Slugplates label was set up as a platform for my own music. I’ve never intended on making loads of money from doing this, I’ve been making all kinds of music for a number of years and gained a fair bit of support in and around the dubstep scene since 2004. My only aim with setting up Slugplates was to get my own music out there and the intention of selling low priced MP3’s is purely to cover mastering and design costs.

I’ve just about managed to recoup the costs for each release so as a thank you to all my supporters (and to hopefully entice some new followers :) ) I’m giving away [SP002] – Cogent - Turkish Smile / Karki Kid for free...


Releases happen when they happen; I cannot commit to having a regular release schedule as i have a heavy day job and other things in my life to juggle time with. When I’ve made some tracks that I’m happy with, i will put them online for people to listen / download / steal / play out etc...

The next release is in the pipeline, along with a few remixes for other labels which will be out over the next few months.

Best place to stay up-to-date with me nowadays is my new facebook page; check the sounds and if you're feeling them, give us a ‘like’

Happy Steppin’



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