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Saturday July 10, 2010

Household Management, The Masquerade, and Atlanta Bass Wars, proudly present:


Yes it's that time of year again when we all come together to celebrate a living legend of Atlanta's Dance Music Scene, MJ, and his infamous birthday, with yet another legendary Birthday Bashment! MJ's annual Birthday Bashments are consistently some of the biggest parties in Atlanta History, even going as so far as to garner national attention and press last year. The "Bashment" as its affectionately known, has easily become one of the most anticipated parties of the year, and this year is no different at all. Atlanta, we proudly present to you the All-Star lineup for MJ's Birthday Bashment 2010:

"Z-Trip is the original Girltalk; only better. The best (DJ) show ever" -Spin Magazine.
Z-Trip is considered to be one of the best live performance DJs in history, by both fans and peers. Fans voted him "America's Best DJ" in 2009, beating out over 100 other DJs in "DJ Times" highly acclaimed readers poll. It's a fact that many call him the "godfather of mash-ups", as he is one of the originators of the genre. His worldwide sold out shows continue to set attendance records while drawing critical praise. "One of the great musical moments from Coachella (2002) was the frenzied set by turntable wizard Z-Trip. He had fans howling and bobbing, closing his set with a surprise appearance by Beck." -The LA Times. The LA Times review was well deserved as Z-Trip performed to a jam packed tent of over 10,000 that day. He has crisscrossed the globe numerous times since Coachella 2002, chalking up tons of rave reviews along the way. He returned to Coachella 2010, for his 4th appearance at the festival headlining the Sahara Tent. "Even against two of the biggest draws on the schedule, Z-Trip raked em in, filling the Sahara with over 15,000 revelers," - Daily News. His recent Detroit Electronic Music Festival performance to over 10,000 stole the festival receiving the lions share of press; "Z-Trip lit up Saturday night, first by jamming with RJD2 then following with a Detroit-saluting mash-up set"- Billboard 2009. Most Friday nights you can find him at his new residency at Rain inside The Palms, Las Vegas. Entitled "Z-Trip's Revolution". He has thrilled crowds there with his genre bending skills, and surprise guests including Too Short, De La Soul , Rev Run and Three 6 Mafia. Worldwide sold out shows would be enough for most DJs, but not Z-Trip. Please do not call him a celebrity DJ. His career is too full of impressive producer/artist milestones for that. In 2009, Z-Trip appeared as an in game character in "DJ Hero", for which he also supplied several original remixes and songs. In 2009, "Victory Lap" his last album did over 500,000 copies. "Victory Lap" (his homage to Obama) was reviewed favorably and recommended by Wired, Urb, BPM, and XLR8R to name a few. Z-Trip's longtime friend and collaborator Shepard Fairey supplied the art. Z-Trip’s major label debut “Shifting Gears” was given 4 stars by Rolling Stone — it’s highest honor in 2005. Shifting Gears featured Top 10 singles in the US and abroad. WIth appearances from many of Z-Trip's friends: Chuck D, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Murs, and Soup of Jurassic 5. "Uneasy Listening" was his first record to receive critical acclaim and helped propel Z-Trip to national attention in 2002. It made album of the year lists in Spin, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Wired and XLR8R. Come see what all of your friends are talking about.

Against The Grain, Supercharged UK, http://www.myspace.com/freestylersmusic // London, United Kingdom
Rocking clubs and parties for over a decade now, The Freestylers are still one of the most exciting names in dance music. They've had Top 20 chart hits, headlined big festivals, sold half a million albums, toured the US supporting Lenny Kravitz, and were the first electronic act to play fully live on legendary BBC TV show Top Of The Pops. Aston Harvey and Matt Cantor were both making different styles of music when they first met in London in the mid-90s. Uber-engineer Aston had been half of pioneering breakbeat hardcore act Blapps Posse, getting busy with cuts like 'Buss' It' and 'Don't Hold Back' before going on to work with Definition Of Sound, Rebel MC and DJ Rap. Matt Cantor, meanwhile, was recording with Andy Gardner from the Plump DJs as Cut 'N' Paste and Strike for the fledgling Freskanova label. Discovering a mutual love of hip-hop and electro, Matt and Aston started making tracks together. The first record they sampled was old skool electro classic 'Don't Stop The Rock' by Freestyle Express, and the resulting track 'Drop The Boom' on Scratch City Records launched them as The Freestylers - the non-genre-specific name with hip-hop connotations fitted them like a glove. The guys began making tracks that mashed up hip-hop, ska, rave, breakbeat and, in the case of their third single 'Warning' - featuring MC Navigator from jungle pirate station Kool FM - indie-rock guitar. It was really their first two top 20 busting proper release's 'Ruffneck' (also fuelled by Navigator's rolling rhymes) and 'B-Boy Stance' (featuring dubwise junglist MC Tenor Fly, who - like Aston - also used to work with Rebel MC) that truly sent them supernova. Transcending the big beat sound, The Freestylers soon became an 11-piece live band, including assorted London reprobates and a breakdancing kru led by Scottish nutjob Coza. They began playing rock gigs, festivals and TV shows such as Top Of The Pops, and even had a spat with Noel Gallagher over a sample lifted from 1995 Oasis No.2 smash 'Wonderwall'. Gallagher refused to grant permission for the 'Wonderwall' melody line twisted up by Tenor in 'B-Boy Stance', forcing The Freestylers back into the studio to re-record it, and one of Tenor Fly's lines about "Mr Badman" is thought to refer to Gallagher. At the 1998 Muzik magazine awards, where The Freestylers were nominated in two categories and went on to win 'Best Band', they came face to face with Gallagher, which certainly made for an interesting encounter! The band also attended the 1998 MOBO awards where they were nominated for Best Newcomer. The debut album 'We Rock Hard' consolidated their position as breakthrough urban b-boys, breaking into the UK Top 40 album charts and selling 150,000 copies in the US as they began cracking music's most lucrative territory. At the time the band were apparently Ben Stillers favorite dance act and as such 'Ruffneck' featured in his 'Zoolander' film. In fact the Stylers music went on to be used in such blockbusters as 'Dude where's My Car' and 'Sweet Home Alabama'. Their tracks were also used in various adverts including a massive 'Pringles' campaign in the U.K and the band themselves featured in an extensive TV campaign across North America for 'Best Buy'. 'Don't Stop' entered the Billboard Top 40 dance charts, and the expensive-looking Mad Max-style video for 'Here We Go' became a favorite on MTV. After their initial success they got to remix heroes such as the Jungle Brothers and Afrika Bambaataa, and were invited by BBC Radio 1's Pete Tong to record an Essential Mix which inspired their critically acclaimed F.S.U.K mix album that went on to sell over 40,000 copies for Ministry. The band played some huge gigs, performing at MTV's Millennium party in New York's Times Square and to about 30,000 people at Glastonbury festival in 1999. By now they were big in Australia too, and their second album 'Pressure Point' smashed into the Australian album charts. Back in London Pete Tong made 'Now Is The Time' from 'Pressure Point' his Essential New Tune and the guys signed to acclaimed breakbeat label Against The Grain. They began recording tracks under the name Raw As F**k, with each release topping DJ magazine's Beats & Breaks chart. So named because of the music's street rawness and dance floor tuffness, the guys liked the term so much they named their third album 'Raw As F**k'. No mellowing into maturity for these dudes. Raw As F**k were, paradoxically, named Best Newcomer at the Breakspoll awards in 2003. The full band continued gigging, but the most common way to catch a Freestylers set in the early noughties was via a DJ set in a club. Aston and Matt, both expert club-rocking DJs, played a multitude of club gigs with an MC in tow, and nestled firmly into the premier league of the flourishing breakbeat scene. They were content to experiment with other styles though, and sassy disco-funker 'Push Up' proved to be another big Freestylers hit. Accompanied by a huge Plump DJs remix, the release smashed into the UK Top 25. In Australia, however, it reached No.2 and was placed at No.3 in Holland, while in Belgium the single peaked at the top of the charts. The Freestylers were pop stars all over again. Soulful breakbeat funker 'Get A Life' - featuring Onallee from Roni Size's Reprazent project - followed 'Push Up' into the Australian Top 20, yet their feet remained firmly on the ground, with one foot still planted in the underground. This was ably demonstrated by being asked to do a mix by hallowed London club Fabric, which they rammed with cuts by the Breakfastaz, Baobinga, NAPT and other underground breakbeat artists and went on to be one of the biggest sellers in the series. Their own material appeared as well, of course, including tear-out piledrivers under their S.C.A.M alias. These big jump-up tunes were to provide the inspiration when the Freestylers collaborated with Australian drum & bass fiends Pendulum. The resulting 'Fasten Your Seatbelts' - released on Breakbeat Kaos - was one of the biggest dance tracks of 2005, destroying dancefloors wherever it was dropped. Old skool electro cut 'Boom Blast', featuring Million Dan (released with a storming Deekline & Wizard remix), then cracked the UK Top 75, indicating how The Freestylers could effortlessly traverse genres and still win ultimate respect. An example of this is their Westwood championed UK hip-hop tune 'Dogs n Sledgez' also featuring Million which was Radio 1 playlisted. As the noughties continued they started work on their fourth album proper, 'Adventures In Freestyle'. MC SirReal had by now become a firm fixture in the Freestylers live set-up, and so consequently featured heavily on the album. One highlight saw the Freestylers team up with Pendulum once again for punky jungle behemoth 'Painkiller', with a particularly venomous lyric spat by SirReal. The album experimented with a variety of styles, and saw the Freestylers working with assorted underground vocalists. From the techno-punk stylings of 'Security' through the cinematic string soundscape of 'Infernos', this really was an album that showed off the Freestylers' mastery of many styles. The album provided an impetus for the band to get back on the road again with SirReal and Valerie M on vocal duties, and they rocked a number of festivals in the summer of 2009. Currently working on their fifth album which by all accounts is shaping up to be their strongest yet, of which a brief glance can be heard through the scorching just released "PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE E.P", The Freestylers juggernaut is going to continue to rock - hard - for some considerable time to come.

Virus Recordings, http://www.myspace.com/edrushopticalvirus // London, United Kingdom
Ed Rush is one of the current leaders of the new school drum and bass. One of the originators to bring back the dark sounds of drum and bass and push it to new levels, Ed Rush continues to make waves with each new release. Born in west London, Ed Rush originally started out into Hip Hop and electro but eventually found the growing underground rave scene. Fascinated by the breaks in the hardcore sounds at the time, Ed Rush convinced his neighbor, Nico Sykes, to let him produce tracks with him. Eventually they released "Bludclot Artattack" in 1993 - a journey into the darkcore sounds. While most releases at the time had a certain momentum and feel, the track was like no other, and marked the shift of hardcore's split into drum and bass. Ed Rush eventually released follow-ups nearly two years later, this time with DJ Trace, on "The Mutant" in 1995. "Guncheck" soon followed, another track developed in a recognizable Ed Rush style - gangsta attitude, and crunchy basslines. Ed Rush soon found himself on the cusp of prominence, as his releases in 1996 on the Techsteppin' compilation, the Skylab EP on the Metalheadz label, and "Killimanjaro" on the Prototype label all helped to define the genres' direction towards techstep, a two-step style of drum and bass. He subsequently released more tracks on various labels, and his popularity as an artist grew, as did his sound as a producer. The greatest collaboration was ahead of him though, when he teamed up with Optical. They created their own label, Virus, and their first release was "Medicine/Punchbag," Their eventual LP, Wormhole in 1998, was released to critical and underground success, and is regarded as a genre classic, as the sounds from that album again redefined the direction drum and bass was headed, and solidified their status as the forerunners of the new sound of drum and bass. More recently, after a slew of other releases, Ed Rush and Optical have released another genre-defining LP, the Creeps. This was again met with critical and commercial success, as the album helped them to win Knowledge drum and bass award for producers of the year. Look out for the eagerly anticipated forth coming album Chameleon.

Rottun Recordings, http://www.myspace.com/excision // British Columbia, Canada
Taking influence from Drum and Bass, Metal, and Hip Hop, Excision is a Dubstep artist who must be heard to be fully believed. Combining the morphing bass lines of Drum and Bass, the aggressive energy of Metal, and the laid back vibes of hip hop, Excision’s style is incomparable. At only 22, this young Canadian’s passion for music has already driven him to become one of the biggest Dubstep acts of North America. Anyone who has heard a set by this bad boy has walked away feeling energized and refreshed. If you’re lucky enough to catch a live set, expect an assault of bass-heavy tracks, mixed quickly and seamlessly. Upon the selling out and repressing of his first release, “No Escape” on his own label Rottun Recordings, it became apparent that there was a large demand for the dark side of Dubstep. This was proven to be true when Excision was asked by Electronic Music Superstars Pendulum to remix their latest single “Showdown.” Look out for collaborations with North American Bass Guru Bassnectar, Pendulum, and many others ranging from Drum and Bass heavy-weight SPL, to Dubstep womp master DZ. With an upcoming U.S. tour alongside Pendulum, and a set at the fabled Shambhala Music Festival among many other Canadian and U.S. dates throughout the year, Excision is one to watch.

Civil Music, Urban Graffiti, Pitch Black, http://www.myspace.com/corgrimey // United Kingdom
Grotty, aggy, dark, brutal are all words used to describe the music of 25 year-old Alex Melia aka Reso, which is sometimes at odds with his boyhood dream of drumming in a jazz band. This frustrated sticks man, who has been hitting the skins for a number of bands including the ubiquitous Jamie Woon, instead pours his frenetic energy and love of breakbeats into his dubstep/breaks/ techno productions. “I started making beats in 2002 when I got a PC and a bunch of cracked software.” Recounts Alex. “I was generally making whatever kind of music I was in the mood for, but it usually turned into tear out breaks and drum and bass for some reason.” A big breaks fan, Alex did work experience at Botchit & Scarper and would frequent Fabric on a regular basis to catch the likes of Ed209 and Baobinga. The busy percussive motifs of breakbeat heavily influenced the young Londoners sound, yet it was the emergent dubstep scene that captured his imagination and offered him a blank canvas. A versatile producer and gifted DJ, Reso is a rising star, gaining worldwide notoriety for his technoid inspired productions which often transcends the dubstep tag that many have easily slotted him into. From the chugging metal guitars of Metal Slug, via the pulsating techno echoes of Identity, and into the bowels of the haunting, filtered sub bass workout of Holograms, Reso’s aural identity is a densely layered, high octane tapestry, rich with musical texture and colour, which really sets him apart from the minimal sparseness of many of his fellow producers. Mary Anne Hobbs has been a fervent supporter of the young producer, commissioning a special 20-minute mix for her Radio One Breezeblock show back in January 2007. Reso has worked with Burial, engineering his critically acclaimed remix of Jamie Woon’s Wayfaring Stranger. More recently Reso’s remix of The Dubstitutes 2 Faced Rasta (Dubting) has been gathering strong support from some of Dubstep’s key players such as Benga, N-Type, Walsh and Rusko. With a busy DJ schedule, Reso has been up and down the country smashing dance floors from Newcastle to Nottingham and London, whilst regularly hitting mainland Europe. With a number of key releases on Storming Productions, Destructive, Urban Graffiti and Skud hitting the shops over the next three months, Reso is definitely blowing up!

Planet Of The Drums, Big Riddum Recordings // Orlando, Florida
The Godfather of DnB in America, AK has been the link between the music and the fans and dj's alike in the states ever since its inception. He is the longest running DnB DJ in the USA, and was the first to give exposure to hundreds of UK based DJ's and producers. His annual Planet of the Drums tour, alongside fellow comrades Dieselboy and Dara and hype man Messinian has been the most successful running electronica tour since it began in 2000. Over the years, AK has released 8 mix CD's, and 1 artist album, along with several singles, and has remixed countless well known electronic acts such as: Crystal Method, Rabbit in the Moon, Keoki, Dub Pistols, Cirrus, Freestyle, Rachel Wallace, Tribe called Quest, and many more. His remix of Cleveland Lounge's "Drowning", was in regular rotation on radio stations all over the USA, and is widely viewed as the most well known DnB tune in America, and was in dance charts all over the world. His 8 year stint as head of A&R with longtime friend Rob Playford, on Playford's legendary Moving Shadow label, has helped make AK one of the most influential DnB figures on the globe. Dave Minner, better known as AK1200, started DJing in 1989 shortly after his introduction to clubs and underground club music. He grew up in Orlando Florida, which in the early 90's became a staple in the USA for next level music and its DJ's. After a few local residencies, he began defining his style, and was quickly a favorite at the now infamous Edge raves of the early 90's hosted by DJ Icey. AK's work with Icey continued, as a heavy contributor to Icey's US Rave national paper. In 1990, he also opened one of the first strictly dance record stores in Orlando called The Hottie Shoppe. This is where he discovered the newest form of music, hardcore breakbeat or jungle techno, now known as DRUM and BASS. AK's devotion to this sound and its evolution is what made Icey crown him with the AK1200 name, saying "He goes so fast, it's like an AK-47 on the 1200's." After the jungle explosion in '93 and '94, AK began writing reviews for UK's Mixmag Update. This was monumental as AK was an American writing about English music for an English publication. AK1200 was also the first American DnB DJ to play in the UK on both pirate radio and in clubs. Around that time, he teamed up with fellow junglist DJ Jeffee to publish another national magazine, called Junglized. With Junglized, AK hosted the first all DnB event in the southeast in September of 1995, also being the first person to bring the Number one DnB dj in the world, Andy C, to America. His connections with virtually every label and distributor and practically every artist and producer in the UK, allowed him to get just about every tune that was worth playing, and helped him create exposure and attention for these artists and labels. His non stop touring of the states over the years has been a huge help in the rise of popularity for the music even today. In 1996 he was asked to do a compilation mix CD for the first Sub Base USA release, titled Sub Base classics. Shortly after that he was picked up by the biggest electronic label in the USA at the time, Moonshine Music, and released 4 mix CDs with them through 2001. Each CD had landmark sales for any DnB artist or DJ. AK1200's popularity and stellar reputation caused him to be a sought after remixer for several artists and labels worldwide. Several of these remixes went on to be licensed to video games, film and other various media formats. He went on to release one other mix CD after his original artist album, 'Shoot to Kill', which were both released on Run Recordings, a subsidiary of Lakeshore Entertainment, a Paramount company. To date AK1200 has sold over 500,000 units combined worldwide, and is one of the most well known names in the United States for dance music. He has consistently been included in the Top 100 DJ's for each year in the states. In 2000, he teamed up with friends Dieselboy and Dara to form an American supergroup called 'Planet of the Drums'. This came with the intention to bring their sound to the forefront of the dance industry, for the most part DnB DJ's weren't given fair treatment compared to other DJ's in the dance community. Before 'Planet of the Drums', there was no main stage for this music, and there were no successful tours to promote DnB. DJ's from the UK hardly came to the US and didn't have the fanbase they do now. Promoters never received the attention from the DnB community to warrant any kind of reaction. This was all changed single handedly by Planet of the Drums and all their efforts. They went on to become the most successful annual electronic tour to last more than 9 years, and show no signs of tiring. The groundbreaking mix CD, Weapons of Tomorrow, was released in October 2007, including 20 tracks from undiscovered DnB artists from all over the world. This CD's vast exposure and signings of many of the artists featured, cemented the futures of these "soon to be" DnB legends. Autopsy, released in late 2008, is a collaboration with longtime friend and top notch producer, Gridlok. Signing with Project 51 was the next logical step for AK1200, having had years of production experience, his focus is once again set on getting back into non stop studio mode. Autopsy, a double CD, with one disc mixed from AK and Gridlok, and one disc of stand alone tracks, is a sign of some of AK's true artistry, with a few of his own tracks thrown in as well. Also, a brand new collaboration track with Gridlok, called Dub4Dub, which has seen massive support from the likes of Goldie, Andy C, Friction, DJ Hype, Dieselboy, and many others. This was featured on the B side of an Autopsy single, backed with Pornstar Feeder, a reworking by Gridlok of one of AK1200's most well known tunes, Pornstar style, with Danny Breaks, previously released on Moving Shadow. Since Autopsy's release and the sheer state of things, the next path for AK has taken him straight into the studio working on a number of projects, including a remix for the heavy metal band, Prong, for their power to the damager remix album. His new label Big Riddim Recordings, is set for its 5th release, already having such names as Tech Itch, Kemal, Evol Intent, Dylan, Muffler, Digital, and AK himself, as well as others on previous releases. Many more massive releases to come at an average of one per month, Big Riddim will guarantee its place in the top of the dnb food chains for independent record labels. After championing every possible feat in his home country of the USA, AK is ready again to set his sights on Europe and the UK, and other part of the world. His 20 years of experience as a DJ will no doubt be reflected in his fierce sets and abilities to read a crowd and cater to whatever it takes to smash the dance, each and every time. His style of pure dancefloor rollers and anthems will satisfy every single face in the crowd. His style of mixing is proper old school, with cutting, fading, and the occasional bit of scratching, AK is a crowd pleaser and definitely entertaining to watch. 2010 get ready, cos this legend is coming to get you.

Sanitary Sounds // New Orleans, Louisiana
David Landry a.k.a. Dj Trashy is a seasoned writer, producer, and performer. He has taken the electronic music industry by storm with his invigorating energy and heart pounding breakbeats. Although his stage name may lead the mind to wonder, make no mistake in passing judgment of his professionalism and success. Trashy has an impeccable stage presence and amazing ability to move any crowd. He has an image and persona that has a lasting impact on his fans long after the music stops. Through his ongoing eleven year career Dj Trashy has been signed with eight record labels, releasing eight full length albums and over thirty five records. When Dj Trashy is near you, that will be one show that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!

W.A.R. Konkrete Jungle, HipStep Massive, Zulu Nation // Phoenix, AZ
This former Atlanta resident has literally blown up since his move back to his original hometown of Phoenix, back in 2002. Before that though he was one of the original members of South Florida's Soul Providers Crew. Which was the first Jungle Crew in all of SoFla. In 1998, Wednesday moved to Atlanta, and took the Drum N Bass scene there by storm. He has released numerous tracks on labels as far reaching as Jungle Sky, to Huda Hudia's own imprint: Kaleidoscope Music. Wednesday is now the operator of Konkrete Jungle Arizona. He has toured all over the world several times over in his over 18 years of DJing. You can find him in a city near you this coming year touring with his MC, TC Izlam.


Trillbass Recordings // Atlanta, Georgia
Trillbass has one mission… To rock the Party with super bass. Made up of members 2sense, Swytch and DJ Lord (of Public Enemy), the crew has defined a new sound in the world of Dubstep, and Bass Music for the past few years. With over 30 years combined musical experience, A ton of Vinyl releases, countless shows, world tours, DJ Battle wins, and a drive and passion for music that would rival any hardcore music lover, There really is nothing they can't do, and do well. With releases on labels all over the world, Including Rottun Recordings (Can), Shift Recordings (U.S), Ruff Records (France), Code of Arms (U.S) and their own 'Trillbass Records' Vinyl label, This crew continues to push their futuristic take on the dubstep genre to the basshead masses worldwide. Alongside a large collection of Digital releases and mixtapes, They continue to be known for their dirty bass, impeccable production, and incredible live shows. Coming off of a recent tear-out year, including an official remix for Wu-Tang, a CD Feature from EDM Legends 'Detroit Grand Pubas', over 20,000 mixtape downloads, Several Vinyl on the top of the charts, 5 - 1 songs on the Digital Download Charts, and packed shows all over the United States, it's full steam ahead for Trillbass in 2010. With some huge remixes and releases coming up and more exciting shows already planned, Its All about Trillbass this year. And still, Trillbass is no one trick pony, with a past and bright future in Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, and Electro, the crew also flips those genres on their heads with ease. With past releases on Dieselboys Human Imprint and Dylans 'Obscene' label, 2010 will see a resurgence of these sounds in the Trill arsenal. With an Electro EP already in the works, constant Hip Hop production, and some exciting plans in the jungle arena, 2010 will be the year of the Trill, So put up your drinks and enjoy, and all hail the BASS warriors!

Abstract Logic Recordings // Atlanta, Georgia
2010 is the year that marks Charlie P's ascension into the highest ranks of dubstep royalty. Fresh off the release of his dubstep full length album 'Everybody Needs To Know' on his own imprint Abstract Logic Recordings, Charlie P has been performing constantly to much acclaim. The studio wizard behind electronic fusion act Random Rabbit shows no signs of slowing down, constantly scouting new artists and collaborators for his label and lending his touch to productions that straddle multiple genres with ease. A consummate performer, Charlie's energetic stage-presence coupled with the sonic range of his productions is a true spectacle worth checking out.

Sine Language Recordings, http://www.myspace.com/thelegiondnb // Nashville, Tennessee - New York City
Legion is a new outfit consisting of Advance, Hunter, and Black Sound Effects. Advance has had a long career in Drum and Bass with multiple releases for Renegade Hardware as part of Quadrant. In 2008 Advance stepped out on his own with a release for Dieselboy's Human Imprint, which was also featured on Dieselboy's most recent mixed CD, "Substance D," and also completed a collaboration track with AK1200 and NC-17 for Trace's DSCI4 Recordings. Hunter has been in the dance music scene for well over 10 years as a DJ, promoter, and professional sound engineer. He has worked in the studio with Impulse of Sinthetix/Corrupt Souls and Dylan from the Upbeats on unrelated material. Black Sound Effects has been doing Live PA shows for some time now dabbling in other genres of dance music, but his main focus has always been producing avant-garde Drum and Bass. Through a random chance meeting in early 2009 Advance met up with Hunter and Black Sound Effects and the trio hit it off immediately forming the group, Legion, and their own label, Sine Language Imprint. Signal of Design, also the name of Legion's first EP, is a term used by NASA for messages that originate from outer space that respond to messages sent out from Earth, messages which are deemed as only being made from other signs of intelligent life. Legion's debut EP rings out like a transmission from deep space with it's sci-fi textures and heavy neurofunk influences. The pace of the EP is set with the sleek and driving roller, A New Earth. A New Earth starts off with a lush cinematic soundscape that gives way to a huge rude pulsing bass line and infectiously heavy beats. For the second track Legion teams up with US production legends Kaos, Karl K, and Jae Kennedy AKA Koldfront for the massive dancefloor anthem, Elektro. Elektro opens with an epic sci-fi pad intro reminiscent of War of the Worlds unleashing a huge bass line and big beats that rain down on the listener from above and lead into a breakdown at the middle of the track which time warps you back into the old school rave vibes with an updated twist. The third track sees Legion flex their edit skills on the highly technical roller, Good God. Good God creeps in with playful melodies and tearing bass stabs that evolve into a bass-churning, mind-numbing monster that wreaks havoc on your imagination. To close the EP Legion teams up with Toronto based producers NC-17 and drive it home heavy with the rig-mashing, Philadelphia Experiment. Philadelphia Experiment opens with an into that pays homage to the sounds of Konflict and teleports the listener into a gritty rock-influened full on bass line with quick shuffling beats. The Signal of Design EP has been getting massive DJ support from Ed Rush and Optical, Dom and Roland, Dieselboy, Upbeats, Gridlok, AK1200, Cause 4 Concern, Skynet, Mayhem, and more. This is the first of what promises to be many quality releases from Legion and Sine Language Imprint.

Support From The Birthday Bashment All-Stars:

Hosted By:

Masquerade (Clubwide)
695 North Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 577-8178

18+ to enter
Doors from 9pm-3am

Pre sale tix can be be purchased RIGHT NOW online by clicking the following link:

http://www.ticketmaster.com/MJs-Bashmen ... st/1449998

Or in person @ all Ticketmaster Outlets and The Masquerade Box Office

Ticket Price Tier:
First 100 Tickets Sold : $15
Next 200 Tickets Sold : $20
Regular Pre-Sale : $30
Door Price : $40
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MJ your the fuckin shit, thanks for always doin it big... CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS SHOW!!!
-> The ALABAMA Dub Tip

btw, me on the left, caspa dead center, my boy dbj2 on the right, and random party chick on the bottom, lolz

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prefresh wrote:MJ your the fuckin shit, thanks for always doin it big... CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS SHOW!!!

Thank you!! We cant wait either! Its gonna be MASSIVE!!

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Re: [ATL] 7/10: MJ's BDAY BASH 2010! Z-TRIP, EXCISION, RESO, ++!

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Re: [ATL] 7/10: MJ's BDAY BASH 2010! Z-TRIP, EXCISION, RESO, ++!

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Unfortunately RESO was unable to complete his VISA interview in time to make the Bashment, due to the UK Embassy being closed until July 14. So, to make it up to you guys we are flying in International Dubstep Superstar TES LA ROK all the way from HELSINKI, FINLAND just for this show!!! This will of course be Tes La Rok's FIRST EVER PERFORMANCE in the ATL!! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE!

Noppa Recordings, Dub Police, Argon, Aphex, 3.5 Records, Soul Lion Dubs, http://www.myspace.com/teslarok // Helsinki, Finland
Tes La Rok is a Dubstep DJ & Music Producer from East Helsinki, Finland. He was one of the first international names to break through in the scene few years ago. Tes has been featured on a variety of respected compilations such as Steppas Delight, Dubstep Allstars 5, Mary-Anne Hobbs "Evangeline" and the Mixmag 25 Year Anniversary Mix (mixed by Laurent Garnier). He is also the man behind record label 'Noppa Recordings'. From the past decade Tes La Rok has been one of the pioneers in the Helsinki Undergound culture. Runnin lot's of different raves such as 'Slam It', 'Soulfuel', 'Back 2 Bass' & 'Sub'. His first ever record was released on respected "Audio Couture" (sister label of Moving Shadow) label back in 1998 - under the "Dice" moniker with his partner in crime Dharma1. From few years later it was Dharma1 who introduced UK Garage & Brokenbeats to Tes La Rok. Tes La Rok released "Around The World Girls Remix" in 2007 and it was awarded anthem status, and was later selected the best tune of 2007 (alongside Mala's Lean Forward) on DubStepForum awards. Tes has DJ'd in the UK on a regular basis, and has performed at ALL of the huge Dub clubs such as DMZ, FWD, SUBDUB, PLATFORM 1. As well, he has toured all over the world to countries such as Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Germany, France, Poland, Croatia, Russia, Estonia, USA, Netherlands, and Belgium to name a few.

Tes La Rok Discography:

HENRY004 Tes La Rok Bass 31 2007
NOPPA003 Tes La Rok Bwwooy 2009
NOPPA001 Tes La Rok Codeine 2007
HENRY004 Tes La Rok Darkness Falls Upon Us 2007
NOPPA004 Tes La Rok Do You Know The Future? 2009
NOPPA003 Tes La Rok Dub Ting 2009
NARCOHZ005 Tes La Rok Gunshot 2007
NARCOHZ008 Tes La Rok Gunshot (JuJu Remix) 2007
AR005 Tes La Rok Hot Jam 2007
AR005 Tes La Rok Hot Jam 2007
ARG011 Tes La Rok Ignition 2007
BDR002 Tes La Rok Kill Dem 2007
TEMPACD009 Tes La Rok Lickshot 2007
CON011 Tes La Rok Lickshot 2007
DP021 Tes La Rok Livin' Fire 2008
ARG020 Tes La Rok Low 2008
MODE02 Tes La Rok Mental Block 2007
RVOL002 Tes La Rok No Need 2 Be Nasty 2007
NOPPA001 Tes La Rok Reggae 2007
NARCOHZ005 Tes La Rok Ritual Murdah 2007
TEMPACD009 Tes La Rok Rollout 2007
CON011 Tes La Rok Rollout 2007
HENRY004 Tes La Rok Santa Claus Is Lost 2007
ZIQ209CD Tes La Rok (featuring Uncle Sam) Up In The VIP 2008
DP021 Tes La Rok (featuring Uncle Sam) Up In The VIP 2008
BDR002 Tes La Rok Uprise 2007
LIONDUBS001 Tes La Rok Wah Do Dem (Rework) 2009
MODE02 Tes La Rok Warehouse 2007
LIONDUBS001 Tes La Rok We Nah Run (Rework) 2009
LIONDUBS002 Tes La Rok What's That Device? 2009
LIONDUBS002 Tes La Rok What's That Device? (Greenlaw Warrior Remix) 2009
MENU14 Rico Tubbs Gangsters (Tes La Rok Remix) 2009
NARCOHZ008 JuJu Half Ounce (Tes La Rok Remix) 2007
ARG020 Desto (featuring Mindman) One Ting (Tes La Rok Remix) 2008
GPR002 Tim Healey & Tai Pocket Rocket (Tes La Rok Remix) 2009
SJRLP178-1 Uncle Sam Round The World Girls (Tes La Rok Remix) 2007
ARG011 Uncle Sam Round The World Girls (Tes La Rok Remix) 2007
SJRCD178 Uncle Sam Round The World Girls (Tes La Rok Remix) 2007
ARG017 Uncle Sam Round The World Girls (Tes La Rok VIP Mix) 2008
ACRE011 Von D Truth (Tes La Rok Remix) 2009

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sexy times!

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10-11:30 DJ TRASHY
1-2:40 Z TRIP

9-10:30 MAYHEM vs TRENCH
10:30-12 TES LA ROK
12-1:15 AK1200
1:15-2:45 EXCISION

11:15-12:30 LEGION
12-1:30 TESTER
1:30-2:30 MARK YURM
2:30-3:30 CHARLIE P

10:30-12am CaZ


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