***Norwich - Exposure vs. Cultrure - 2nd April - Knowhere***

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***Norwich - Exposure vs. Cultrure - 2nd April - Knowhere***

Post by exposuremusic » Sat Mar 19, 2011 2:01 pm


Yes yes music people, this is a night that we're very excited about. It's Norwich vs Lincoln in a head 2 head battle showcasing the very best in underground sounds that both cities have to offer.

This amazing new night is being held at The Knowhere Bar on Queens Street in Norwich and this time round were doing things over not one but two floors! Upstairs you can expect to be spanked by the harder edge of uk bass music while in the bassment we'll be takin things deep deep underground!!!



...:::Drum N Bass & Dubstep:::...

Lets face it last time he played exposure, he tore the place to shreds and we were all left gaggin for more! This time around we expect it to be no different. He's been hard at work in the studio so expect a relentless new set crammed full of fresh material. We couldn't think of anyone better to rep the local talent!

BENNY 2TONE (Crackbeatz) + MC MTD
This local crackhead has been tearin up dances all across Norfolk and Suffolk of late and rest assured he shows no signs of slowin up. Always comin with the sick selection, always vinyl, he knows how to please a crowd. In our opinion Benny2tone is definitely one to watch. Just don't feed him too much crack!

RETRAFLEX (Flexout Audio)
Retraflex have been busy in the studio, preparing the launch of their record label Flexout Audio as well as playing top club nights across the country including Detonate. Expect the freshest sounds in bass heavy beats, these guys can lay the right vibe for every occasion!

DJ I D.U.N.N.O. (H.A.S.H Recordings)
Up and coming Drum n Bass DJ/Producer from Lincoln, influenced by many styles of Drum n Bass, especially the stuff that makes you pull a funny screw face when the bass drops!! Influences include DJ Die, Break, Joe Syntax, Loadstar, Benny Page, DJ Zinc! Keep vinyl alive, live fast die young!!

JEDI MC (Flexout Audio, H.A.S.H Recordings)
A Jungalist at heart, Jedi MC was first passed the mic at just 15. His passion for beats and his smooth lyrical content secured him a residency at the legendary D.O.P.E in Leeds alongside the unique talents of Mc Verse and TC1. Jedi’s unique sound brings a deep intellectual vibe to the progression of the music.



ADDICT (Exposure)
One half of the crew behind Exposure, Addict is no stranger to fuckin up the dance and certainly no stranger to runnin top notch events up and down the country. You know the selection's gona be fresh, it's time to get your fix!

KIFFEN (Exposure)
The other half of the exposure crew dem, this boy is renowned for his extensive knowledge of underground music in all shapes and sizes. What does Kiffen mean? Look it up. It might just give u a good idea of what to expect.

Family from day.....literally! We can't fault Hypercubes taste in music. Heavily influenced by all things Berlin and a somewhat veteran of dubstep raves in London, it's a recipe for success in our eyes. His sound is gona suit the basement session down to a tee.

SAM P (H.A.S.H Recordings)
Up and Coming House DJ from Lincs, playin at many house parties and social events as well as a debut set at the highly popular Flexout Night @ Scy, along with many things in the pipeline. Playin the Freshest Funky House to get you groovin' and the crispest Jackin House to keep you moovin!

10pm til 3am, Entry will be £3 ALL night.

Set times will be released closer to the time. With this being over two floors and a wide array of genre's, this is going to be a BIG night!!
So who will be reaching for Exposure vs Culture .. Norwich vs Lincoln?!?!

Supported by: KB Promotions.

http://www.exposuremusic.co.uk for mixes, merchandise and photos from previous events

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Re: ***Norwich - Exposure vs. Cultrure - 2nd April - Knowher

Post by hypercube_ » Thu Mar 24, 2011 4:49 pm

This one is going to big!

Looking forward to bringing minimal tech and funky vibes over that beast of a rig. Also can't wait to catch Inspectre Spectre again, that guy's tunes are next level!

Soon come Norwich!!

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Re: ***Norwich - Exposure vs. Cultrure - 2nd April - Knowher

Post by exposuremusic » Sun Mar 27, 2011 11:50 am

yes matt, u know this! not long now, just under a week to go! norwich, are you ready!?!

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Re: ***Norwich - Exposure vs. Cultrure - 2nd April - Knowher

Post by exposuremusic » Fri Apr 01, 2011 5:27 pm

tommorrow night. hype!

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Re: ***Norwich - Exposure vs. Cultrure - 2nd April - Knowher

Post by exposuremusic » Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:52 pm

massive big ups to everyone who made it down to Exposure (Norwich) vs Culture (Lincoln) on saturday, especially to all those involved in makin it happen. big sets all round, vibes inside were spot on. after party was pure jokes. hold tight for details on our next event coming soon but in the meantime stay locked to www.exposuremusic.co.uk for photos, mixes etc.


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