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>>>>>>EVENT FORUM RULES<<<<<<<

Post by DSF-Events » Wed Feb 16, 2011 8:16 am

Our event system on this site is very simple. We use a system of topic categories that signify two types of events. Events coming up within 7 days will have " Image " on the left column of the topic. These threads will appear at the top of the rest of the listings. This is so we keep all information timely. As this site is called what it is, we're here to help Dubstep related promoters. This means promoters that have at least one DJ or more in the event lineup playing Dubstep, and have this clearly visible in their event promotion or flyer. Multi-genre events can be listed but they must have a dubstep DJ in the lineup.

We allow charity, fundraiser, birthday and award events to post one (1) roll call/hype thread on the main Discussion forum, as well as have a listing here in the event sections. Weekly/monthly live video streamed events (boilerroom.tv, etc) can also have a roll call thread on the main forum. No other events will be allowed to promote on the main Discussions forum, except those event types mentioned above.

"My event was deleted from the forum? Why?" Here's a list of the reasons why....
  • -There's no city in the thread title. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    -There's no event date in the thread title. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    -There's no event date in the event thread, flyer or otherwise.
    -There's no venue location/map or address in the event thread.
    -There's only a Facebook link and no reasonable information listed in the thread.
    -The thread is a tour promotion, listing dozens of dates in one promotion. Our event system is designed to be current listings for each week. Tour promo basically takes up space in our subforums, and space is limited. If you're promoting a whole tour, make a thread for each date, in each city. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    -The event has no Dubstep acts clearly listed in the promotion or the flyer. If its ambiguous or if the moderators don't know what type of event you're throwing, then how do you expect people new to the sound to figure that out? People come to the dubstepforum event sections for Dubstep events, not heavy metal events.
    -Do not post Radio shows in the any of the event sections.


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