[Oak] WORMHOLE WEDNESDAY 2/5 w/ Nominus, Knowa, Intellitard

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[Oak] WORMHOLE WEDNESDAY 2/5 w/ Nominus, Knowa, Intellitard

Post by Intellitard » Mon Feb 03, 2014 5:27 am


Oakland's Bass Music Weekly

Dedicated to presenting only the best in bass heavy music, intelligent lighting, and psychedelic projection visuals.

This week we will be celebrating multiple album releases with Nominus & his new release "Spiral Matrix" on Addictech Records as well as Wormhole resident Intellitard's release "Squishy Cyborgs" on Street Ritual!

Brought to you by Wormhole SF Bay Area, The Likquid Projekt, Forever Endeavor and Synthetic Pulse Presents


Vibe selectors for the evening:

இஇஇ Special "Spiral Matrix" EP Set
இஇஇ https://soundcloud.com/nominus
இஇஇ https://www.facebook.com/nominusmusic

A nomadic San Franciscan who started playing music at the age of thirteen, Nominus blends his wide range of musical talents to create a unique and genre-defying sound. He began his musical journey as a classically trained guitarist who later went on to study a wide range of percussion. After years of playing in live bands, Nominus felt the desire to expand his sound in new ways which led him to electronic production. Nominus fuses lush organic melodies with deep, chunky rhythm sections to create a sound that is beautiful, yet moves the dance floor with mind-blowing energy. This along with tasteful sound design and cutting edge bass takes the listener on a journey that weaves light and dark into one harmonious experience.

இஇஇ https://soundcloud.com/knowa
இஇஇ https://www.facebook.com/knowaknowone

Knowa Knowone is a Bay Area turntablist/producer and co-owner of the record label Street Ritual. He is considered one of the founders of “Glitch Hop”. Fans know Knowa as someone who vibes off of his crowd’s energy, directly connecting to his audience, raising them to a euphoric and ecstatic state. His live sets are funky, fun and have every single person on the dancefloor. Hailing from North Carolina, Knowa began his professional career as a DJ, producer and promoter over a decade ago, cutting his teeth at raves and drum and bass events from New York to Miami. His first Hip Hop crew was recognized by The Zulu Nation, and the roots and values of HipHop are still a strong influence on his music.
Knowa Knowone has performed with artists such as Noisia, Freq Nasty, Random Rab, and Mimosa, playing shows around the globe and festivals including Symbiosis Gathering, Burning Man, The Boom Festival (Portugal), and Electric Picnic (Ireland). Knowa was recently featured on the Transnational Dubstep Compilation, released by Generation Bass and Six Degrees Records. Knowa has collaborated with the artists such as Ill.Gates, David Starfire and Souleye. Knowa’s release with Sleepyhead as Knowsleep, released in 2008 put Knowa on the map as one of the pioneers for glitch hop and dubstep in the US. Knowa has been releasing music on San Francisco’s premiere dubstep and glitch powerhouse label Muti Music for the last three years, and his production has been highly revered. His past releases “Free Energy”, “Noble Savage”, and “Sound Paintings” have shown his ability to move effortlessly between Dubstep, Glitch Hop, and Experimental Hip Hop. Knowa’s music combines traditional midtempo and breakbeat with deep bass, glitchy sounds, ethnic rhythms, and psychedelia to create a sound that stands out as uniquely Knowa Knowone. In 2011, Knowa will tour extensively to promote the Street Ritual label and the release of his new EP ‘Sound Paintings’ out now on Muti Music.

இஇஇ "Squishy Cyborg" EP Release
இஇஇ https://soundcloud.com/intellitard
இஇஇ https://www.facebook.com/intellitard

Benji Hannus, otherwise known as Intellitard, is a bass activist constantly on the forefront of progressive weirdness. Pushing a sound that combines the upbeat gangster feel of futuristic 808 music with the complex intricacies and mutant basslines of glitch-hop, Intellitard music is filled with a diverse array of off-kilter noises and unconventional structures. A promoter, founder, and resident at both Wormhole Wednesdays in Oakland, CA and Forever Endeavor Presents, Intellitard works as much to expose the world to new groundbreaking bass music as he does to produce such music himself. Having played a plethora of festivals, weeklies, and one-offs all across Northern California, Intellitard brings a unique set to events that weaves together glitched-out bangers with next level 808 jams in a seamless fashion that transgresses all tempos and genres.

Wormhole's favorite ratchet.

இஇஇ https://soundcloud.com/duffrey

Duffrey is an electronic music producer with a insatiable hunger for brain tickling soundscapes and funky bass. Woody Klann, a musician from a young age, has been squeezing sounds from his environment since he can remember. Duffrey experiments with many genres including Midtempo, Wonky Bass, Dub, Breaks, and Drum and Bass and the result is a full spectrum psychedelic sonic exploration. Duffrey’s goal is to convert brainwaves into tangible energy that takes control of your body and leaves you tingling.

Duffrey has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with artists including Andreilien, Kilowatts, Digital Rust, SIXIS, Mouldy Soul, Plantrae and Mumukshu.

இஇஇ https://soundcloud.com/spacegeisha

spacegeishA touches down on earth to deliver an eclectic variety of cave bass, grimey glitch, tribal melodies, and deep space energies. Doubling as the Label head at Street Ritual; she lands here solely to provide freaky bass transmissions for your auditory pleasure. Keeping your curves moving and your head swirling; an earth appearance from spacegeishA is sure to help any listener resonate with far out vibrations.


Visual Kaleidoscopics and Projection Mapping by Fieldfx Visuals

Lights and lasers by The Likquid Projekt


$5 at the door

FREE before 9 PM with Facebook RSVP
(you must hit going on this event page before 4PM)

$3 IPA / $5 Jameson



Check the ongoing event page for upcoming lineups:


Give some FB love & stay updated with the crews making this happen:

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