vinyl mixes???

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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by pearsall » Tue Jan 10, 2012 10:29 am

Two new all vinyl mixes in my sig :)
Mala tribute business:

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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by k_i_d » Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:39 pm



1. Dj Rum - St. Martins [On The Edge]
2. Commodo - Uprising [Deep Medi]
3. Kryptic Minds feat. Youngsta - Arcane [Black Box]
4. Killawatt - Shakuhachi [Wheel&Deal]
5. Matt-U - Unforgiven [Osiris]
6. LX-One - You [Wheel&Deal]
7. Freeze & LX-One - Foreseen [Osiris]
8. Rob Sparx feat. Dee Ellington - Try To Remember [Fentplates]
9. Skream - Abstruse [Tempa]
10. Biome feat. Fallen45 - DMT [Osiris]
11. Commodo vs. Lurka - Gassin [Black Box]
12. Skream - Snarled [Tempa]
13. Tunnidge - Control [Getdarker]
14. Busy Signal feat. Mavado - Badman Place (Coki-Digital Mystikz Remix) [Greensleeves]
15. Radikal Guru - Dread Commandments [Moonshine]
16. Silkie vs. Skream - Untitled [Deep Medi]
17. Digital Mystikz - Education [DMZ]
18. Lee Scratch Perry vs. Digital Mystikz - Like The Way You Should (Mala Remix) [On-U Sound]


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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by wizeguy » Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:16 am


WizeGuy - Moments [Soulstep]
Von D - Truth *Tes La Rok remix [Black Acre]
Loefah - Disko Rekah [Deep Medi Musik]
Strago & Snooks - Pills [Niteshadeinc]
Standby & WizeGuy - Awol [Unreleased Dub]
Author - Teacher [Tectonic]
Objekt - The Goose That Got Away [Objekt1]
Headhunter - Clone [Black Box]
2562 - Kontrol [Tectonic]
Headhunter - Spyro [Tempa]

Only ever on that vinyl ting!

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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by Friendly Editing » Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:57 am


Headhunter - Clone [Blackbox]
Author - Teacher [Tectonic]
DJ Madd - Babylon [Subway]
Mala - Blue Notez [DMZ]
VIVEK - Sirens [Deep Medi]
Likhan - Terre [7even]
Teeth - CNT [Noppa]
Blawan - Iddy [Hessle Audio]
Pangaea - Router [Hessle Audio]
Transportation AAD - Last Train to Lexington [Darkestral Recordings]
Mickey Pearce - Don’t Ask. Don’t Get [Swamp81]
Boddika & Joy Orbison - Swims [Swamp81]
Instra:Mental - Thomp [Nonplus+]
Pinch - Retribution [Swamp81]
Blackwax - Surface [Tube10]
Mickey Pearce - I Am [Swamp81]
Objekt - Cactus [Hessle Audio]
Boddika - Syn Chron [Naked Lunch]
SBTRKT - Wildfire (Objekt Tool Mix) [Young Turks]
Autechre - Montreal [Warp]


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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by Mexter » Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:52 am

nice mix rflx!

here's mine i uploaded 2 weeks ago:


Goth Trad - Cut end
Goth Trad - Falling leaf
DMZ - Enter dimensions
Goth Trad - Seeker
Vivek - Roots
Skream - Phatty drummer
Seven & Youngsta - Masai mara
Ben Verse - No solution
Matt U - Unforgiven
Sleeper - Gtfo
Killawatt & Thelem - Swarf
Commodo vs Lurka - Airtight
Mavado - Dem a talk (tsmv remix)
My Nu Leng - Fireflies
Caan eat mi out (cluekid remix)
Cluekid - The sound
Evergreen, Landlord, Ruckspin, Danman - Righteous dub (RSD remix)
Goth Trad - Walking together
Goth Trad - Sublimation
Goth Trad - Anti grid
DJG - Apophenia vip
Headhunter - Experience
Goth Trad - Babylon fall
Kromestar - Kalawanji

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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by dsprainman » Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:41 pm

Hey guys,
Here's an all-vinyl mix I did recently, One of my better recorded sets. Hope you like it!
Benga - Dominion
Skream - Lighting
Coki - Duppy Soursop
Skream - I Love the Way
RSD ft. Prince Jamo - After All
Benga - Killers About
Skream ft. Sam Frank - Where You Should Be
Cyrus (Random Trio) - Footsteps
Kahn - Tehran
Coki - Lower Octave
James Blake - Sparing the Horses
Skream - Listenin' to the Records On My Wall
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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by arigatou » Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:26 am

In this way, as long as I detect the beat start to slip a little pinch of the spindle to slow down. You can I do I propose a combination of the first few minutes.

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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by rev » Tue Mar 20, 2012 1:05 pm

Every mix I have ever recorded was using vinyl and dubplates - find them here:

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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by Herbimore » Tue Mar 20, 2012 1:29 pm

Big up revealomaniac, your El-B and Steve Gurley mixes are absolutely incredible, brilliant DJing skills :h:

This already has it's own thread but it's all vinyl so thought I would post it here too. Please subscribe as I will be posting monthly mixes from now on.

Lorca - Moments
Coni - Suma
Pearson Sound - Deep Inside Refix
Lobster Boy - Planet X
Deep Alpha - All Think (Kode 9'S Alphadub)
Digital Mystikz - Misty Winter
Mavado - Dem A Talk (Dubstep Refix)
Skream - Dutch Flowerz
Johnny Osbourne - Fally Ranking (V.I.V.E.K Remix)
Goth-Trad Ft. Max Romeo - Babylon Fall
Augustus Pablo - Frozen Dub

Seriously anyone who hasn't checked out Mr Revealomatics podcasts must do it immideatly for this reason:

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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by sonar » Wed Mar 21, 2012 7:12 pm

Both these mixes are pretty old now, no room at new flat for decks though :( :w:


Can't remember the tracklist but Kode9, Desto, Cyrus, Science, Mala, Komonazmuk, Breakage are all in there. Really love the first transition into Kode9, forgot how insane the bass is in that when it drops.

1. Quantum Soul -- The Core
2. Digital Mystikz -- I wait
3. Kryptic Minds -- One Of Us
4. Komonazmuk -- VCO
5. F -- Night Dive
6. Komonazmuk -- For Real
7. Distance -- Fallen (Vex'd Remix)
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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by Snaps » Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:58 pm

LAS - Power Surge
Kahn - Way Mi Defend
District - 3.5 Grams
Mala - Livin' Different
Kromestar - My Sound
V.I.V.E.K - Soundman
Benton - Sleepless
Compa - Beginning
Calibre - Discreet Dub
Hatcha & Lost - Welcome To Tibet
Compa - Dem A Talk
Tunnidge - Face Melt
Icicle - Xylophobia
Cyrus - Visions
Loefah - Mud VIP
Digital Mystikz - Anti War Dub
Mala - Eyez VIP

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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by Mr_Frost » Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:40 pm

made another hip hop mix... ... -Promo-Mix

Dollarbin - Swagadocious Green Villain Promo Mix
approximately 36 minutes in length

1. Jedi Mind Tricks w/ Mr. Lif - Speech Cobras
2. Alkaholiks - Next Level
3. Artifacts - Wrong Side of the Tracks
4. Company Flow - End to End Burners
5. RA the Rugged Man w/ F8 Off - Till My Heart Stops
6. Black Rob - Like Whoa
7. Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers
8. MF Doom - Is He Ill?
9. Nas - One Love (DJ Eclipse Remix)
10. Camp Lo - Luchini

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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by whoa-b » Mon Mar 26, 2012 6:06 pm

Whoa-B - Unabridged Selection
Download This Mix

01. Frisco ft Demolition Man – Ghost Train Riddim [Boy Better Know]
02. S-X vs Ramadanman – Woooo Glut [Butterz]
03. Synkro – Bitz [Smokin Sessions]
04. Black Sun Empire – The 405 [Black Sun Empire]
05. Current Value ft Snow – Shy Flame (SPL Remix) [Section 8]
06. MRK1 – Get Out Clause [Earwax]
07. Von D ft Foreign Beggars & Spyda – Maximum Boost [Boka]
08. Loefah – Rufage [DMZ]
09. Kromestar & Distinction – Zzzapaah [Noppa]
10. Rude Kid – Window Cleaner [Adamantium]
11. Rossi B & Luca – Saturn [Double Science]
12. DJ Madd & Chris Su – No Respect [Black Box]
13. Breakage ft David Rodigan – Together [Digital Soundboy]
14. Breakage ft Newham Generals – Hard [Digital Soundboy]
15. Sarantis ft Asher Don & Dialect – Nitroglycerine [Terminal Dusk]
16. Terror Danjah – Bipolar [Butterz]
17. DJ Prime Cuts ft Dynamite MC – Warning (Eddie K Remix) [D-Style]
18. Emalkay – Crusader [Dub Police]
19. Tech Itch – Know [Ascension]
20. Compound One – Perhaps The Darkness [Compound One]
21. DJ Madd – Someone (Breakage Remix) [Black Box]
22. Von D ft Riya – One Day [Boka]
23. S-X vs Ramadanman – Woooo Glut (Reprise) [Butterz]
24. MJ Cole – Sincere (Nero Remix) [Prolific]
25. 16 Bit – FRZR9000 [More Than Alot]


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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by soulkids » Mon Apr 23, 2012 4:36 pm

did a radio show on saturday

part i: ... oss-part-i

part ii: ... ss-part-ii

vinyl only

first hour techno house uk bass, second hour mostly uk bass, garage, some grime & dubstep towards the end

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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by rev » Mon Apr 23, 2012 7:05 pm

Mr_Frost wrote:
kixo wrote:

for keeping the beat matched, i find it particularly hard when you're in a middle of a mix and when the tracks are at the same levels each, (especially when the tracks are similar)

fot the BPM i think i'll do the same as you (marking the vinyls), it's maybe a bit a "mathematic" way to mix (with the spreadsheet and all) but it sure can help you setting the pitch even before listening to the track in the headphones.

i hear you there. i hate that feeling when you can hear the beat slipping and your mind doesn't know which it is. that's why i was saying earlier i don't mind if one record is playing just a tiny bit fast(i prefer/am more accurate slowing records then nudging them faster). that way as soon as i detect the beat starting to slip, give the spindle a little pinch and slow it down. you can here me do it on the first few minutes of the mix i made. you can here glut getting ahead of woo in a few places and then it slips back in time i probably had it a little two fast because i was pinching the spindle a littl more than i like. it's not really noticeable to an untrained ear and in a live setting would be hard to catch, but with repeated listens it would eventually stand out. the other thing to do is just have one channel playing on the cue of your headphones and one ear listening to the mix. that should make it easier to figure out which beat needs adjusting.
You are talking wasting time getting the mix right, and still mark up all your records and looking up tables and such?

At your level, this is where split cue comes in handy - if your mixer does have it, or else consider switching. I can usually beatmatch twice as fast, on headphones only (no bpm or visual stuff needed) when having the mixer signal stereo splitted... it takes some time to let your ears and brain work with it, but it's worth it. And please don't just use it as
left=signal A
right=signal B

when cueing you should go for:
left=signal A+B
right=signal B

and after mixing in signal A you should go for:
left=signal A
right=signal A+B fading, when mixing out

This can all be done working the cue buttons the right way...
I hope you get the point, this way you always have your cue mix ready before the master mix is made... and it is by far the fastest way to be mixing tightly.

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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by teamdubheadz » Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:23 pm

Introducing some fresh talent into the scene: Here's a mini mix from vinyl DJ Umpah! (one to watch out for in the future)


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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by Spamoni » Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:34 pm

100% vinyl mix I recorded a few weeks ago. recorded on a really basic setup.



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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by ArrenMog » Tue Apr 24, 2012 4:46 pm

Here's a mix i uploaded just the other day for the Natural Rhythm Festival DJ Competition, it's a 100% vinyl so thought i'd post it here hopefully get some support from other vinyl enthusiasts haha, if your feeling it please favourite it as i need 30 favourites to make it into the shortlist :) ... tival-mix/

My entry for the 'Natural Rhythm Festival Mix DJ Competition'. This mix was recorded using 100% vinyl on a pair of Technics 1210's and a Pioneer 350 Mixer. My take on the Dubstep scene at the moment along with the odd classic and a mixture of different styles. Spent ages getting all the mixes spot on so I hope you enjoy the mix.

So Clear - Commodo
Persepolis - Biome
Swarf - Killawatt & Thelem
Drones - Thelem
The Goose That Got Away - Objekt
Foreseen - Freeze & Lx One
Iceman - Perverse
71 - Killawatt
Dread Commandments (Killawatt Remix) - Radikal Guru
Geddeon - Tunnidge
Program - Dj Madd & Lx One
Roteks - J:kenzo
Body Pop - Dj Madd
Phatty Drummer - Skream
Duppy Soursop - Coki

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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by profound » Wed Apr 25, 2012 9:54 am


Where's my oldschool people at? Mix containing just oldschoolers, or tunes i really like! :twisted:

This mix got me a spot on the legendary FOB show from none other than Bunzero! Feeling really honored to play there! Palying there 2nd of August!

Asbo - asbo
Skream - ?
Loefah - voodoo
Loefah - the goat stare
Loefah - bombat squad
Skream - I
High plains drifter - sholay
Digital mystikz - walkin' with jah
Mala - eyes vip
Skream - make me
Distance - jungle fears
Benga - dose
Pinch - punisher(loefah remix)
Loefah - yours
Skream - dub period
Cyrus - violate
Coki - gangsta 4 life
Clouds – Under The Dancing Feet (Tes La Rok Remix)
cotti ft doctor - rise the temperature
silkie - wonder
loefah - disko rekah
Mala - miracles

Most of all; enoy!!

Oldschool 12" promomix

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Re: vinyl mixes???

Post by Moens » Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:53 am

Keeping the vinyl spirit alive! Below two sets of mine with vinyl only.. hope you like it :)


1. Funkbias - Heaven Sent [SWAMP 81]
2. Boddika - Soul What [SWAMP 81]
3. Rod Lee - Let Me See What U Workin With (Pearson Sound Refix) [Night Slugs]
4. Boddika - Rubba [SWAMP 81]
5. Ramadanman - Work Them [SWAMP 81]
6. Kingdom - Fogs [Night Slugs]
7. Breton - RDI (Girl Unit Remix) [Hemlock Recordings]
8. Addison Groove - Dumbshit [SWAMP 81]
9. S-X - Woooo Riddim [Butterz]
10. Jack Sparrow - Torment [Tectonic]
11. Commodo - Dokument [Origin Audio]
12. Goth-Trad - Babylon Fall ft Max Romeo [Deep Medi Musik]
13. Mala - Eyez VIP [DMZ]
14. Silkie - 80's Baby [Deep Medi Musik]
15. Photek - Closer (Pinch Remix) [Tectonic]
16. Addison Groove - This is it [Tectonic]
17. VIVEK - Sirens [Deep Medi Musik]
18. Unknown - Sicko Cell [SWAMP 81]


1. DJG - Escape Pod [Transistor]
2. DJG - Avoid The Noid (Headhunter Remix) [Pushing Red]
3. Jack Sparrow - Loveless [Tectonic]
4. Deleted Scenes - Reasons [Deleted Scenes]
5. Kryptic Minds - The Talisman [Tectonic]
6. Digital Mystikz - Enter Dimensions [DMZ]
7. Distance - Reboot [Tectonic]
8. Skream - Gritty [Deep Medi Musik]
9. Goth-Trad - Airbreaker [Deep Medi Musik]
10. Commodo - Uprising [Deep Medi Musik]
11. VIVEK - Soundman [Deep Medi Musik]
12. Roska - 480 BC [Tectonic]
13. Distal - Booyant [Tectonic]
14. Kingdom - Let You No [Night Slugs]
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