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Post by dubway » Mon Jul 28, 2008 5:26 pm

Due to the continual rise in traffic in this mixes sub-forum, we've had to revise the rules as several issues have come up over the last 6 months.

One thing to remember is that this forum was built around respect for the people that provide the music. This means the producers and record labels. We're going to strive to maintain that respect in what we'll allow to be posted to this mixes forum. We encourage diversity and experimentation, but not if respect doesn't go along with it.

  • -the moderator's or admin's receive complaints; or your thread generates complaints, in regards to unauthorized tunes being used in your mix. when we mean "unauthorized" we mean an unreleased tune that you clearly don't have permission to play out.

    -the audio sources for your mix are obviously "ripped" audio. what we mean by "ripped" audio is using previously broadcasted radio archives or youtube/myspace/facebook clips as part of your mix.

    -you post a flood of mixes or repeatedly bump your threads. we will treat this sort of thing like spam.

    -your mix is dominated by other genres of music. when we mean dominated we mean that more than 3/4 of the mix is of other genres outside the scope of dubstep.
  • -what we consider a "same label" mix is using one label's whole catalogue in one mix (example:..15 tunes, all from the XYZ label.). these kind of mixes are problematic for the forum, because in the past we've had labels complain to us about the obvious copyright issue involved.
    by doing a "same label" mix; you're not leaving the label in question the opportunity to do their own "same label" mix as a product that they could then possibly sell. in general, we'd like to ask that you take the time to get permission from a label before posting these kinds of mixes because as a forum we don't want to be involved in resolving these situations.
Forum member's continually pushing the limit with these simple mix rules, will face a loss of forum priviledges and/or an immediate forum ban, the nature of which to be determined on a case by case basis.


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