Varjes - All New EP (Björk-samples, non-trap-snarerushes)

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Varjes - All New EP (Björk-samples, non-trap-snarerushes)

Post by polho » Sun Jul 07, 2013 1:09 pm

Since bandcamp is unresponsive we'll do this the web 1.0 way:


Varjes - All New

1. Birch Rush 04:02
2. Homogenic 03:27
3. Lean 04:51
4. Lean 2 04:44
5. Myron, baby, Myron! 02:51
6. Lean Reset 03:13
7. PST (Piano String Theory) 04:30


Made a lot of tunes in a short period of time and then picked the ones I liked the most. They all came out effortlessly, if not taking into account some energy drinks, a habit I've since dropped (only coffee for now). Video game samples, Björk-samples, 808-snares, trying to avoid the most glaring trap-tropes and still borrow a bit since I like the snare rushes. I've been making music since fourteen and I'm twenty-five now, and truly feel the quality level of my productions is on the rise since last spring. All comments welcome, and if you want to rap on these feel free :h:


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