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New dubstep track, all composed, recorded, mixed and masterd

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2015 7:16 pm
by bamaxxx
Hey Guys just released a new track, would love your feedback, I composed, mixed, mastered, and recorded all of it on my own. Would love to see what you guys think...Thanks!



Re: New dubstep track, all composed, recorded, mixed and mas

Posted: Fri May 15, 2015 10:33 am
by dj_artery
I see no one has commented, so I hope to give what you kindly asked for.

I would've liked the drums to punch through further - One of the assets to Dubstep (In my opinion) is that it is often most capacious, in that there is a lot of room to really embellish/post produce.
If we were to compare to Drum&Bass - a percussively very busy genre more often than not - I find that the drums have so much more room for post production relative to micro dynamics. In other words (and keeping it in 'black and white/at face value') as there is a lot less transient information, compression and/or limiting can be made to work 'harder' with 'bigger' results.
Others may or otherwise disagree with this.
I would suggest bringing all but the drums/percussive elements down, and side-chain compressing what you feel to be sonically 'critical' - thus allowing the drums to 'kick' through, on a micro dynamic level (2/4:1 ratio, quick hold&release et al). Assuming other means of dynamic post production are being used, this will allow the mix to 'breathe' easier.

Note: I am remaining impartial to the musical content - The inverse is always a dangerous area :lol:
I find a lot of the information feels like a Japanese train line at rush hour - A lot of folk all trying to get on the train when there is clearly no room. It doesn't come across in a congruous fashion, it feels very busy. I find my ear struggles to grasp onto a given vibe. I do need to keep telling myself this :lol: -
Less IS more

It feels somewhat dry as a whole - there are notable exceptions, and perhaps this may be what provokes the belief - I feel there is a missing consistency?
Are you cutting out 'unnecessary' information by means of hi-pass EQ's etc? I ask as the background @circa 3min32 sounds like a loaded VST/AU software instrument played 'as is'. This could then also lead to my aural confusion noted in the preceding paragraph - If everything were given it's space (HP, LP, dip here/there etc), there would be less overlap, more room, and a 'clearer picture'.

Hope this helps as a whole or in part.

Artery ;-)