Sistren - Old Valentine's Day Mix

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Sistren - Old Valentine's Day Mix

Post by siah alan » Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:33 pm


I forgot to put this up here when I recorded it.

Salif Keita - Yamore (Luciano Remix)
Cobblestone Jazz - Traffic Jam
Luciano - Mousa Big Band
Junior Vasquez - If Madonna Calls (Junior's House Mix Radio Edit)
Congorock - Exodus (Malente Remix)
Slackk - Sweat Shop
Radio Slave - Koma Koma (Karizma Kaytronik Remix)
Ian Pooley - Celtic Cross (DJ Sneak's Hardbangin Mix)
DJ Hell - My Definition of House Music (Renaissance Man Bootcut)
Khenton Slash Demon - Singla
Lifelike - The Cult
Kelis - Flashback (Naked Music Remix 1)
Reggie Dokes - Let Me Go (Culoe De Song Remix)
Sandra Nkake - La Mauvaise Reputation (Ossie Baba Remix)
Voodeux - Skeleton Key
Blackjoy - Mercurian
Projection - Heart and Soul (LA Mix)
Kathy Brown - Can't Play Around (MAW Bonus Beats)
Sounds of Blackness - Everything Is Gonna Be Alright (Junior Vasquez Dub)
Michael Jackson - Remember (Ossie Baba 2010 Remix)

I've had some pretty good feedback about it over the last couple of months, thought I'd run it by y'all.

How's it going people?

I haven't posted on here in a couple of years but I still see a bunch of the same faces.


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