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J2K - Wake Up [RGS Entertainment]

Post by Grinsta » Fri May 01, 2015 9:58 pm

Hello dsf, I have a question regarding this release:

Where can I buy track number 9, "Xtra"? This track is not on the CD and it was supposed to be sold on iTunes and Amazon but I can't find it on there...
I need to buy the flac or wav. file as I am planning to have it cut on vinyl afterwards.

Cheers from Germany

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[Loophole Recordings] Alex Virr - Soundboy Killer + remixes

Post by youthful_implants » Sun May 10, 2015 3:21 am


Beatport link: ... boy+killer

Original Mix

Murderation VIP

Coldpast Remix

Common Underground Remix

Tee Dubya Remix

From the birthplace of Jungle and raised among dusty, scratched vinyl collections in the stalls of Camden Market, London - Alex Virr's sound is a throwback to the early years of dance music.

Having sharpened his skills over the past decade under another name, it's time for the real Alex Virr to stand up. This new project is a tribute to everything that got him into music in the first place and a return to his youthful past with a sound which is still relevant today. Now living in Melbourne, Australia and DJing to crowds who vibe off the UK sound, Alex Virr has a lot more to offer still in 2015.

His debut release on Loophole is a killer, a Soundboy Killer. Raw energy and bubbling underground pressure with its infectious, jump-up basslines, dub FX, lush minor chords, ragga shout outs and low-slung, garage riddims. Unrefined and uncomplicated but underpinned by soul and a passion for arrangement; its music to dance to, pure and simple. The original was featured on a couple of months ago and Alex went back to the studio to pump out an even more infectious 'Murderation' mix.

On the remix tip, we present more new members of the Loophole family; some of Melbourne's finest producers, and they've offered up a range of mixes that have been getting pummelled during early hours of the morning across their DJ sets. Common Underground, featured on remix duties for our last release, are back again with a big Tech-House number. Coldpast steps up to the plate for the first time, and takes the garage vibe to a 2 step level. Also joining us for his loophole debut, however no stranger to the LHR crew, is Tee Dubya, finishing off with a big Techy number, and rounding out a solid package for club DJs for any time of night.

Your feedback on these tracks is appreciated.

Soundcloud Links
Alex Virr:
Loophole Recordings:
Common Underground:
Tee Dubya: | Strontium | Future Perfect



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