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Post by numaestro » Thu Oct 28, 2010 1:00 pm

ez amigos

Just a little upfront info - next release on CORSARIO DIGITAL will be from our RELOCATE project with remixes from fellow Barcelona based producers...


"Blowin Down Mistral" - RELOCATE

with remixes from IKKAKU, NEHUEN and CAUTO.

Originally recorded in 2007 as part of the "Hard Boogie For Dub Swingers EP" released on IBERIAN - "Blowin Down Mistral" comes with the same hardcore shuffle and sub bass groove. Recorded street sounds are twisted into stabs punctuated by the characteristic Barcelona emergency services sirens - all combined to give a low thrumming workout.

All the remixes come from the hands of other bass n groove orientated producers currently active in the Barcelona bass sound enclave. IKKAKU's rub offers a deep techno interpretation whilst NEHUEN transforms it into a dark atmospheric stepper. CAUTO's remix imaginatively revamps the samples with truly impressive resulting deep vibes.

Release date 8 November ... ral?ref=nf
23Hz Presents Migrant LP now available on CORSARIO DIGITAL. "Tropicalia" by NEHUEN now available on CORSARIO DIGITAL


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