FREE DL !!! OWNTEMPO 029 - Subject Lost - XCV EP

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FREE DL !!! OWNTEMPO 029 - Subject Lost - XCV EP

Post by ans » Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:02 am


Subject Lost

Our 29th release is a message from an ancient creature with the codename Subject Lost who is living on the coldest borders of the known universe. Some say it feeds on polluted gases from dying stars and suns and may be an echo of the creation of the universe itself. Some say it controls one young earthling living near Ostrava, Czech Republic forcing him to compose and code its messages into complex deep post-dubstep patterns. If you are able to decode it, you will be spared. The rest of humanity may die in a storm of yawnstep wobbles. Don't hesitate. Time is nigh!

Owntempo Recordings is a Czech Republic based dubstep/grime label focused on releasing interesting material from Czech and Slovak producers. We believe that dubstep should still keep its experimental side therefore we try to fuse it with techno, dub and experimental electronic music.

02.Its Autumn Again

For non-commercial and promotional use, please download your copy of this release here:

Complete back catalogue is also available for free here: ... dings/1468

If you want to support us, please buy our releases here:



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