SUBBASS 7 - Dubstep Made in Germany

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SUBBASS 7 - Dubstep Made in Germany

Post by speciez » Mon May 19, 2014 11:45 am


Ger­ma­ny`s Un­der­ground Dub­step Pro­du­cer scene again to­ge­ther in one com­pi­la­ti­on. As al­ways this issue can`t and don`t want to set the claim to re­pre­sent the Ger­man dub­step scene in ge­ne­ral and en­t­i­re­ly. But it wants to show that there is a mass of peop­le for which the pro­duc­tion of tunes is a big part of their pas­si­on in sup­porting the con­ti­n­uous emer­gence and es­ta­blis­hing of sustai­ning struc­tu­res for low fre­quen­cy music.

The album is under a Crea­ti­ve Com­mons li­cen­se and may be down­loa­ded, shared and liked. If you want you may also like to do­na­te so­me­thing.

Dub­step has evol­ved from a sub­gen­re in its own genre. While es­ta­blis­hed media is fol­lowing the ne­west hype, most Heads would more li­kely cheer up to a ravy and dark half­step sound. The de­fi­ni­ti­on of „Bass And Space“, which is at­tri­bu­ted to the dub­step pioneer Kode9, can only be a guide for the de­ter­mi­na­ti­on of genre. Apart from the com­mer­ci­al phe­no­me­na Dub­step al­lows much and does not crea­te bonds, and the wil­ling­ness to ex­pe­ri­ment and new com­bi­na­ti­ons re­mains strong and alive.

Lis­ten & Down­load as WAV, 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other for­mat you could pos­si­bly de­s­i­re:
######## ... -germany-7

play­list and di­rect links to the ar­tists:

1. db SLAK – An­ci­ent 06:03

2. Bas­sa­dor – Bor­der­li­ne 04:53

3. FAT UGLY BITCH – Hi­ber­na­ti­on 03:58

4. MA­YA­KU – Nishi 04:09

5. Sku­vlow – Su­per­fly 04:22

6. Gra­win­kel – Der Un­ter­grund 04:23

7. Hi Towa – Low Level 05:58

8. SicK­na­tu­re & Genetic.​Krew – The Dan­ger 04:38

9. Ghost­hack – 48 Hours 04:27

10. SPCZ – Was­te­wa­la­ke 06:27

11. Rai­ner Kot – SZYWA 03:21

12. Dub­s­ports – Con­fu­si­on 05:18

13. A Flip­ping Bud­jun­ky – Just have to know 03:54

14. Uppercut.​Continue – Kon­takt­ler 05:2

„In all the music that deals with epe­ri­men­tal re­pe­ti­ti­on, drum and bass, dub, va­rious kinds of house music, there`s al­ways been a qua­li­ty of at­mo­s­phe­re and am­bi­ence.“ (Bill Las­well)

SUB­BASS NET­LA­BEL – We re­lease se­ver­al kinds of elec­tro­nic music from Dub, Bass, Dub­step to Glo­bal Beats, Am­bi­ent & Drone, … All music is free to down­load under Crea­ti­ve Com­mons Li­cen­ses, but plea­se con­s­i­der sup­porting us with a do­na­ti­on. Your kind cont­ri­bu­ti­on will help us pay for run­ning costs, to pro­mo­te our ar­tists and to keep the music free!

re­leased 14 May 2014
Plea­se visit us at subbass.​bandcamp.​com to ex­plo­re our full ca­ta­lo­gue.
You can also give us your Like at http://​facebook.​com/​subbassrec
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