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Hypnodub - Elefant Doc - Mindstep Music

Postby Be-1ne » Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:07 am

Elefant Doc
Mindstep Music
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Well it's safe to say that Mindstep have kicked off 2015 with a bloody big bang! :P:

The old saying goes, never judge a book by it's cover. This certainly appears to be the case here. Now i'll be honest and say the name Elefant Doc didn't exactly fill me with hope when sitting down to listen to this 2 track EP. It's safe to say my assumption was well and truly off and perhaps I shouldn't be such a miserable old sod. This has to be some of the freshest yet some how familiar sounding material I've heard in a while. I would argue this is a sound within dubstep that I personally wished it had followed but seemed to disappear during the apocalyptic brostep take over of 2009.


As soon as I heard the opening sounds of "Hypnodub" It reminded me of so many tunes that I couldn't quite put my finger on. Elements of classics from Headhunter, 2562, F and the like come spewing out of the speakers. The track delivers the goods with it's smooth swinging percussion, tasteful builds and drops and the echoing of the long lost techno dub sound that influenced many in the pre-brostep era.


"Ganesha introduces us to collaborator Dillard. Again this one is smooth....... Beautiful build up with a good use of vocal / speech samples. The bass line drops like :o proper groove ala old school Benga. The track showcases one of the things that made dubstep so great, the distinctions between the smooth laid back beat and the heavy pulsating bass line that was the root of the tempo.

This is a really good 2 track and for the price of a cup of coffee you can't go wrong, so stop being a hipster and buying overpriced dishwater from starbucks and grab this wicked 2 track EP from Mindstep.

4/5 but only because I would of liked more tracks.

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