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Post by pete_bubonic » Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:40 pm

Excellent news, another one here:
Cheeky wrote:Thanks, the EP's on a heavier tip but without being screechy, here are downloadable private links to full quality WAVS of each tune ... ff/s-UEkVP

Heres a link to promo clips of the EP to share in the review ... nktion-ep/

and heres information on the release and a little bio-
Dystinkt - Dystinktion EP (DMNDUB015)

Release Dates:
Feb 26th 2013 Exclusive to Beatport
Macrh 12th 2013 iTunes and General Release

Bradford based Dystinkt makes his debut with a 3 track EP that takes no prisoners. The tone and style of this EP can only be described as gully, representing that filthy, dark UK sound that has broken out of London and taken root in the Midlands and Northern England. Definitely one to watch in 2013.
Thanks for taking the time to review the EP, its much appreciated and hopefully I can manage more than one gunfinger!
I'll try and write somelthing interesting on this this evening, but if anyone else wants a pop (it'd be quite nice to have spearate views on the same release), feel free!
I make music as Forsaken, you can DL all my unreleased (and a couple released) bits here.

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