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How To Make These Bass Sounds? (Massive)

Postby Supertux » Wed Dec 18, 2013 7:07 am

Is it just all about the EQ?? There are many, many artists that produce these [dirty / filthy] heavy bass sounds and similar ones. Is there any patch / tutorial on something similar??




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Thu Jun 20, 2013 8:59 am

Postby bouncingfish » Wed Dec 18, 2013 10:05 pm

basic idea for these type of sounds, this is how I do it anyway. Probably not completely orthodox but this works fine for me
Also, there are lots more threads on these sounds so be sure to use the search function :)
1. Create something with loots of hi end, easy to do in an fm synth like sytrus(fl studio), fm8, efm1 (logic) and operator (ableton). Experiment until you get a bright fat sound! Apply envelopes to modulation and amp, try some attack and a bit extra release to get a "wee, wee, wee"-sound.
If you don't have an fm synth, use a normal subtractive synth and add waveshaping/distortion to get more hi end. If you use massive or any synth with similar wavetable oscs, try using some hi end rich oscillator to begin with, and apply some Phase modulation.
Try pitching the Modulation oscillator up an octave as this sometimes gives a metallicy sound.
2. To get that metallic feel, apply some really short delay and/or some reaally short reverb, use reverb plugin of choice, or maybe a convolution plugin! Experiment with using multiple instances of plugins Sometimes, comb filters work great for making sounds more metallic, too. Add a moderate amount of feedback and experiment with the pitch until you get a metallic sound. Don't have a too high dry wet though as this might affect the tuning/notes that are playing and make everything sound wierd.
3. Of course add a sub underneath to make the low end more powerful and clean.
Try duplicating the track, maybe change the settings slightly and apply some panning/stereo spreading, this will make the sound even bigger.

My english might have fucked up at some points as it's my second language but I hope I helped.
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