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Creative Sample Manipulation into Leads, Basses, Etc.

Postby Endriem » Sat Dec 21, 2013 5:19 pm

Post your methods of sampling and manipulation to turn it into leads and basses and such. I'll start off.

Here's a general tutorial on a sound I'm using in an upcoming tune. It's not an exact tutorial, but Its useful for people curious about creative sampling.


Note, this is done in reason, but it should be pretty easy to follow along with any other DAW with a sampler and basic effect units.

I pretty much took a sample, found and good place to loop it. the loop is only a fraction of a second, to the point where it doesn't even sound like it's a voice.

After I looped it, I put my "secret EQ setting" on it. nobody shall ever know it muahaha! Just kidding, I just boosted the hi shelf, cut a few db at 3.2 kHz , and cut the low end a bit.

After that I put on some warp distortion with the sharpness and bias all the way up.Tthe second distortion unit is a simple tube distortion with the bias raised a little.

I added a Pulverizer device, which pretty much is only used for parallel compression, and then I threw on some unison.

The send FX are generic reverb and delay.

The sample I used: http://audiour.com/playlist/hlouffcd

This is what it looked like collapsed.
Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:30 am

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