Help me out with mixing, please!

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Help me out with mixing, please!

Post by cestmoi » Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:15 pm

Okay, I am reaching my final steps in building the following tune:

I would ask some experienced mixers if it sounds all right to them. First of all I have some hats
coming in at 0.46 which are pretty low in volume but it is how I liked it and I think this volume fits the mix really well...I might be wrong though. Is it way too low? I am almost sure it's just right for me but I would like some input on that matter.

Second thought: at 1.40 my low end kicks off with a simple dance bassline but as always I am quite sceptical when low end comes into discussion. I would ask you people if the mix there seems all right to you. Is it too much? Are the lower notes too silent in comparison to the first F note of the bassline?

Thank you!


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