Sound Design in Massive

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Sound Design in Massive

Post by DigitalDemon » Wed Sep 24, 2014 7:22 pm

Well lately for some reason i've seen a lot of people trying to create sounds with Restart Via Gate activated AND Pan Position on and being used of course. What some people seem to not know is that these two things do not work with eachother :a: Without restart via gate, your sound will continually change and have different phase movements/changes.... "Free Oscillator Mode". With Restart Via Gate activated, your oscillators will be on a fixed phase position and everytime you play the sound you shouldn't hear any difference and it should be the exact same sound everytime you hit it. The only way to get Pan Position to work with Restart Via Gate is to have your Unisono at a value greater than one and then activate your pitch cutoff and turn it up as much as wanted. Then your Pan Position should work as it would in Free Oscillator Mode. :Q: :W:
This is what i've come to learn and learned quite a long time ago but it seems like some people don't seem to know this... Hopefully this helps anyone/someone and if i'm wrong on any of this or want to expand on what i'm saying, feel free to correct me/add to it! I hope this little information helps! :t: :4:

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Re: Sound Design in Massive

Post by ChrisPlatow » Wed Sep 24, 2014 8:19 pm

Yeah i see that a lot too. And i also see ppl turn the filters to parallel but then turn the mix to only filter 1 lol. But you dont need to detune the voices for the pan positioning to work. As long as you have multiple voices and restart via gate is deactivated. Im pretty sure about that anyway

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Re: Sound Design in Massive

Post by xGannon » Wed Sep 24, 2014 9:10 pm

Aha yeah I see this too, hopefully people will see this and learn! I recommend always having restart gate on when making basses and playing with the phase posotions. leads like supersaws I use the pan position instead of the gate. Soundcloud

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