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Quickly Make Your Own Presets Or Maticulously Automate Each

Posted: Fri Feb 27, 2015 6:35 am
by DimensionX
Quickly Make Your Own Presets Or Maticulously Automate Each Parameter

Lets firstly get this out of the way: yes you can do either/both and why not.

They are 2 different experiences and will have 2 different effects on your creative process.

Im wondering why some people do one more than the other. Personally I find doing manual automations to be a bit more interesting because I feel I can be more precise with my sound design but when im making presets I find it to be quicker and so instead of spending hours on one sound I can get to other parts faster which sometimes feels alot better, and the problem is it depends on what im feeling so I wonder which one would/should be better to approach because while it feels great to move on quicker it doesnt feel good to not be so precise and while it feels good to be precise it doesnt feel so good to take so much time.

How do you feel toward each one? Have you had my problem before? How did you overcome those feelings and which one do you end up doing more and what context would you do either one in? If I didn't have the bad feelings I would be more meticulous because the very fine details are very important to me although ill admit those details can be lost in the total mix so perhaps theres a certain workflow like for example say you automate the operators/oscillators/etc and then select drums that would sound good with what you have and then whatever room you have left you could throw some pads in there and maybe a lead after that (any order)