(how2moar) Pad sound like that

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(how2moar) Pad sound like that

Post by Ray_Bwoan » Thu Mar 12, 2015 11:24 am

Hay fellow producers.
Making one more thread about how2make :dunce:
In the track acceptance from Synkro the droney pad who start at the beggining and follow throught.
Here's the tune :

I know in a strict synth view how to make it. The notes are wided on the keyboard for more harmonics. Probably saw osc or/nd triangle. A blend or not. Eqing and so.
But then where i struggle is this eery feels. The reverb is the thing to me. But i tried and prettily hard. I can't get it as close as i want to this.
i tried resampling a pitched down sampled. resample only reverb tail. reverse and do a lot. I can usually make pad sound good but i can't make it sound like that.
I don't want to copy synkro in my tunes it's just for learning purposes.

I would love to have your thoughts on this :U:

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Re: (how2moar) Pad sound like that

Post by xGannon » Sun Mar 22, 2015 3:02 am

To achieve eery feels, I find these are some good things to add to your pad (if you know how to get the basic sound of a pad)
Reverb (ofc), Chorus, Vibrato, Detune (global detuning on your synth or detuning the osc's separately), creating resonated peaks on the eq on a certain individual harmonic (I can hear one distinct harmonic in this pad). Trick is in the Eqin' tho, gotta get them right harmonics in there, and get rid of some you don't need, and of course the chords you're playing are a big part in creating feel to it, like playing a c major won't give you eeriest of feels lol.

Hope I helped, but it's all down to you!

Also dubstep producer distance made a nice tut on creating pads in massive, that you can transfer to any other synth. Here it is


Good luck


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