SECRET NINJA HIDEOUT RULES ***(Revised Nov 2014)***

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SECRET NINJA HIDEOUT RULES ***(Revised Nov 2014)***

Post by badger » Mon Oct 25, 2010 2:37 pm

Original : JAN 2011
**Revisions made in Feb 2013

    You've been warned. We don't take responsibility for anything posted here that may put your work situation in jeopardy. NSFW does not mean that you are free to post whatever you want; rather that if you browse here the forum is not responsible for anything that might pop up on your screen in the workplace. If you post a topic of a nature that you know may be NSFW then please put NSFW in the title to help warn other members who are at work not to open the thread. NSFW does not mean that any topic is fair game - the main forum and SNH rules still apply.

    2. Any moderating we do in Secret Ninja Hideout will be done without explanation of any kind. If a thread or post gets moderated, then it's for a good reason.

    3. Taking matters from Secret Ninja Hideout to other parts of our forum won't be tolerated.

    4. The following will be removed (whether they be linked via URLs or posted directly), and warnings issued depending on the rule that has been broken:
    - Sexually explicit pictures or videos of any kind - this includes nudes.
    - Threads dedicated to posting "hot" pictures of either sex.
    - Sexually explicit language directed towards other members of the forum.
    - Threads or posts that are slanderous or libelous to other members of the forum.
    - Threads created purely to call out or attack a member of the forum.
    - Threads or posts that reveal personal information about a member of the forum, or someone outside of it, without respecting their rights to privacy. *****See Footnote below.
    - Extremely distasteful pictures, videos, or discussion posted only to create shock and spectacle.
    - Extreme anti-religious/religious discussion, pictures, videos or any other content.
    - Spam threads that contain no actual discussion.
    - Threads on a particular subject that are continually posted to promote a personal agenda. The forum is not a platform for you to impose your views on everyone else.

    5. If a thread has been locked or removed then it is for a good reason so please do not carry on the argument in a separate thread as that is likely to be locked as well. Persisting in posting a topic, picture, video or link after having it removed will be classed as trolling and further action will be taken as appropriate.

    6. Personal matters are to be dealt with by PM. Posting threads "@ whoever" to get someone's attention, whatever the reason, will be locked or removed if they are of no relevance to the rest of the forum. Similarly, pages of people chatting to themselves in threads may be removed if they are of no relevance to the rest of the thread. The forum is not MSN or AIM.

    7. Don't be an absolute sideman. Common civility and respect for other members is a requisite for using this site. Malicious, spiteful, or ultra meta windups will get a ban.

    8. Remember, the SNH is still subject to the main forum rules ( Please read them here ), but, if you are a brand new member (account created within 60 days) that resembles or is suspiciously like an alias screename OR if you are a longterm member with over 1000 posts and/or your main posts to this site are within the SNH; and you enjoy disobeying the rules, or have a pre-existing behavioral pattern of challenging the moderators, admins or rules, you can be banned immediately, at the discretion of the admins or moderators (This is a special rule for the SNH specifically). Once an account is banned in the SNH it will stay that way unless there are special circumstances that are brought to our attention.

***** Photo & Video Privacy Rule addition.
-If the moderating team receives complaints in regards to the posting or linking of personal photos/videos in DSF threads, avatars or signatures, in order to instigate, bully or harass; the photos in question will be deleted and those members face an immediate ban. No discussions. No warnings.
If the situation persists by the use of alias accts, a permanent DSF ban will be given out. We don't care if the photos in question are posted on public sites, or can be found via google. DSF defends and respects people's net privacy on this site. If your personal photos or videos are being used without your permission anywhere on DSF, please notify a moderator or admin.

Please use the report button to highlight any issues you may have to the moderators who will be able to deal with them accordingly.

These rules can change at anytime.


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