Music Tech at Uni !

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Music Tech at Uni !

Post by Erebus-7 » Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:42 pm

Upon seeing the thread about the guy asking for help on choosing a uni I thought it'd be good to find those you have been or currently are at Uni studying Mtech or anything related to production in general and see what you did and how you found it.

I'm currently half way through my first year at Coventry uni doing Mtech and im fucking loving it, got musical composition and synthesis coming up soon and can't wait.

anyone else at or been to uni and have any thoughts/experiences/tips to share ?

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Re: Music Tech at Uni !

Post by PERCEPT » Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:49 pm

I'm in my second year of a BA (Hons) in Audio and Music Production at Bucks New Uni. Real nice, being taught by people who know a lot about the industry.

Quite a range of modules too, in the first year it was more about history of music technology, legal issues etc. as well as both the live and studio environment. This year it's been more about working and recording with pro tools, sound for vision and going deeper into the live and studio workplace. We also have a business module which looks at marketing either yourself or a music based business. Our four modules for this year are titled 'Audio production techniques: Live and recorded', 'Music production and programming', 'Sound for Vision' and 'The production Entrepreneur'

We had a new building put in place in the summer before i arrived which they spent £60million or something stupid on - nearly £10mill on the studios apparently. Beforehand they were in a seperate building about 15 minutes away, here's an old video of what they used to look like too. Bloke taking the video is Anthony who's a fucking legend, he takes our Music production and programming module and runs the studios. This video was taken 4 years ago and whilst still nice, you can see the improvements they've made through moving buildings as you look at the two videos.

If you've got any questions or anything let me know!

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Re: Music Tech at Uni !

Post by EDN » Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:05 am

I'm at farnborough college of technology (not technically a university I know) doing a foundation degree in music production.
Its fucking sweet, my studio music and location recording teacher is one of the guys who engineered the John Peel sessions, what a badass.
We just had a lesson on awesome vintage mics, sweeeeeeet.

If anyone is in the Berkshire area and looking to do foundation degree type McGuffins check it out, class sizes are tiny, teaching is awesome, equipment is awesome (to an extent) and all of the people on the course are legends.
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