Article on 'Quad' sound experimental Dj/Live Hybrid

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Article on 'Quad' sound experimental Dj/Live Hybrid

Post by ikeaboy » Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:50 am

Here are some pieces i wrote detailing nearly every step in the process of putting on a different type of DJ performance.
The venue looked great but sounded like a church, and the reverb dragged on the sound. Instead of fighting this I decided to creatively include it by using two discrete sound systems each with their own mixer feed. One large rig would be placed far away from the crowd in such a way as to have the most natural reverb from the room as possible. The other would be right up next to the crowd and my set up for a clean and direct sound. I controlled the feed to these separately from the laptop I was using to play a live/DJ hybrid set. I could send different frequencies to each speaker (like bass to nearby and mid tops to the distant/wide) have different tracks in each one or different effect treatments in each one or pan between etc...

Here's an example of the type of thing I'm talking about, recorded with a direct feed and room microphones on the night
Tracks=Moderat -(1) Seamonkey (2)Moderat - Seamonkey Untold Remix (3)Boxcutter - Sunshine Dub (about a third of the track played on the night in my set were dubstep)

If you'd like to read more and watch videos about how i put the set together, from the speaker setup to building the set in Ableton, please have a look at

I'm not asking for anything, maybe hit the Facebook like if your into it. A full wav download of the set, with tracklist, is also posted.
Thanks! :W:


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