Turntable not picking up in dj software

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Turntable not picking up in dj software

Post by Flippity » Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:21 am

Alright, I have a show coming up in three weeks, so my friend thought it'd be cool to try using turntables instead of my launchpad and loaned me his Numark iDJ3. It seems pretty snazzy, has everything I will need, but there's one problem, the virtual dj software won't pick it up as a midi controller. :u:
I went to my friend first and he fiddled with it, but he wasn't able to figure it out. He has a macbook and I have a windows laptop, so he didn't know how to navigate through my computer to fix it. I'm desiring to use this by the 26th so is there anyone who could help me?
Just to sum it up to a more specific question: How do I get virtual DJ to recognize the turntables as a midi controller?
Also, I did download the driver and the light all turn on when I plug it in my computer.

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Re: Turntable not picking up in dj software

Post by ninjadog » Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:18 am

Will other software recognize the controller? If not guessing it's probably a driver issue. Fucking hate PC's for doing shit like this tho. Got a controller that once worked on my PC but now it won't, and it works fine on my gf's mac.


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