Click sound when audio is playing Ableton *not metronome*

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Click sound when audio is playing Ableton *not metronome*

Post by JamesHanvey » Thu Oct 02, 2014 5:36 pm

So I have imported this audio clip (some choir vox thing) into ableton and changed it quite abit (eq, distortione etc). I've taken the first two bars of it, split them in half and faded them individually (basically added an attack to each of the two hits)and used the "show faders" feature in ableton and just bent it to fade in but whilst they're playing, there's a clicking sound when the vox hit has finished and moves on to the next hit. It's not in the audio clip itself because a) I've checked by stretching it and shrinking it etc. and b) it remains the same volume throughout.

It's nothing to do with the plug-ins/returns because I've turned all of them off and listened. (its being effected by the plug-ins as it's being delayed like the audioclip) Just wandering, could it be something to do with the fades? I've just discovered them really, am i perhaps using them wrong?

Any help would be great because its really annoying :x

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Re: Click sound when audio is playing Ableton *not metronome

Post by TheAudioMedium » Sat Oct 04, 2014 1:51 am



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