Manually writing acapella melody for remix's

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Manually writing acapella melody for remix's

Post by DimensionX » Mon Mar 30, 2015 11:20 pm

This is something I've been doing a while and while my friend and I are entering a contest I noticed how much faster he got going and it occurred to me maybe this step is counterproductive?...

So basically what im thinking is if I have the melody for the acapella's in midi on say a sine wave in fm8, I can focus more on the chords and progression without the fluctuating timbre of the voice distracting me: I sometimes find it hard to find exactly where the singer starts singing amidst the sibilance, so if I pin point what notes and exactly where they are, I can be more accurate with my chord progressions...

Though it does take a lot of time, and when I actually have the melody being played by say a sine wave, maybe that missing sibilance and timbre fluctuation won't translate to the actual voice and thus being rather redundant and counter productive...

What do you think? Plus with the melody right on the MIDI bar (for those like me who don't know theory) I can sometimes find good chords and chord progressions directly from the vocal melody...



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