Mindforce - Dropnuts (Dubstep? /Brostep ?)

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Mindforce - Dropnuts (Dubstep? /Brostep ?)

Post by Mindforce » Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:15 am

What's up guys. I recently started trying to make a dubstep song as an experiment, and for the learning. I started making music (melodic trance mostly) a few months ago, so this was quite a learning curve.

Yes there are a thousand things wrong with it, and you could criticize pretty much all off it. I kinda just wanna see whether I should bother to continue making dubstep (which I really enjoyed), or whether I should just drop it and leave it alone. I really loved making this song (though it's not finished) but again, I'm keen to see what real dubstep artists/enthusiasts think. Remember I'm still real new to music production. Cheers guys ;-)

And sorry about the title. I really don't know what subgenre this would come under :|


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Re: Mindforce - Dropnuts (Dubstep? /Brostep ?)

Post by WeBang » Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:53 am

try building up that intro with more effects. Uplifters, Down lifters, Melody ect. Drop kinda comes out of no where. not bad for your first take drums sounds pretty solid but im not in the studio. Keep at it!!!!
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