OLSCHOOL DNB Celsius - Da 8bit Mashup - Album out!

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OLSCHOOL DNB Celsius - Da 8bit Mashup - Album out!

Post by ultrapouet » Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:52 pm

Hi all,

I've just released this oldschool drum n bass album :

Short: DrumNbASS by the CELSIUS
Author: info@shapermusic.com
Type: mods/cels
Date: 10.01.2010

Celsius - Da 8bit Mashup EP

YES! Im back with a new EP... This one is a selection of hardstep choons from from 95 - 96.
In true original junglist(tm) fashion, these tracks were produced in 8bit on an Amiga
tracker called Protracker 2.3b (the great grand father of Renoise) with the following specs:

Year of production: 1995 / 1996
Sound quality: 8bit
Tracks allowed: 4 mono
Max samples: 32
Max sample size: 65k
Demo (playing one of EP tracks): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RpB41Txa9M

As you can see these limitations are pretty fucking severe; trackers were intended to make demo music,
not to mash up Amens. It took a lot of engineering to get everything the way I wanted it. Basically
there are never more than 4 sounds at any given moment.

This EP contains 16 tracks which have rendered in original raw 8bit mono, unmastered,
and basically untouched since they left my Amiga ^^
While some of these were uploaded on Aminet in 96, most of these tunes have never been released and
are available to you now for the first time!


Celsius - Da 8bit Mashup EP

1 - Celsius - Rudeboy SLC Remix!
2 - Celsius - War Ina Babylon*
3 - Celsius - Going for da Loot!*
4 - Celsius - Komplete Kontrol
5 - Celsius - Too Fast
6 - Celsius - Mama Jungle
7 - Celsius - This...Rules
8 - Celsius - Ina Da Place
9 - Celsius - Justice 96 Remix
10 - Celsius - Time*
11 - Celsius - The Mob*
12 - Celsius - Take n Over*
13 - Celsius - Feel My NRG*
14 - Celsius - Come Qwick*
15 - Celsius - Rise In Time
16 - Celsius - Dread Time
*100% unreleased

Total play length: 1:11:55

Get it here : http://www.digital-tunes.net/releases/c ... bit_mashup


Celsius 2010


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