SAN FRANCISCO - MAY 23/24 - Kode 9 + Pole/Kid K/Badawi

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SAN FRANCISCO - MAY 23/24 - Kode 9 + Pole/Kid K/Badawi

Post by kid kameleon » Sun May 20, 2007 6:37 am

After much speculation, I can confirm that the Kode 9 shows will be
happening in San Francisco. The location will be announced the day of.
Capacity is very limited, all three shows could sell out, and the location is
unique. Order tickets in advance.

with DJ sets by Kode9 and Kid Kameleon
Wednesday May 23, 10pm
San Francisco
$12 presale $15 door

Tickets and more info available here:

Pole [~Scape]

Stefan Betke is a notable mastering engineer aligned to the Basic
Channel/ Rhythm & Sound camp who made his name as Pole with a trilogy
of numerical releases (1,2 and 3) at the tail end of the 90s. These
three key releases were all made with a broken Waldorf-4-Pole filter
that produced a crackle, lending a warmth and spatial depth to his dub
techno experiments. The first three records were brilliant, dredging
the sedimented floor of third-hand ideas of dub passed from sources
like Seefeel's "isolationist" ambient music and Chain Reaction's
shimmering "heroin house"

In 2003 Betke departed from this style for the album Pole (a
combination of tracks from two EPs, "45/45" and "90/90"), which
utilized more traditionally electronic but still eclectic
production.Pole has been distributed on several different labels,
including Matador Records and Mute Records, and in 1999 Betke cofounded
(with Barbara Preisinger) the label ~scape, also known for publishing
Jan Jelinek.

Kode 9 [Hyperdub]

Glasgow's Kode9 is one of the most respected DJs and producers in the
dubstep scene. He makes further contributions through his UK based
imprint Hyperdub. Traversing a dubtronic, claustrophobic megalopolis of
inner-city paranoia and pulsating dystopia, Kode9's art is challenging,
compelling and repelling: an urgent, cultural injunction. After the
widely acclaimed Burial debut album, Hyperdub threw out another
tangential long player, a mutant-satellite to the grime/dubstep scenes
which featured Kode9 and the resident vocalist Spaceape on 14
dread-filled flash-backs & flash forwards from a planet trembling in an
"echology" of fear..

Kid Kameleon [Mashit, XLR8R, Surya Dub]

Kid Kameleon is a beat strategist and technology enthusiast who blends,
chops, restructures and generally smashes rhythms from across the sonic
spectrum. From breakcore and ragga-jungle to dubstep and grime, with
stops along the way at B-More, dub, dancehall, hip-hop, DnB, electro
and the straight up unclassifiable, he's a champion of underground
sounds and outsider music. The Kid has dropped his fast-paced, eclectic
style at parties from California to Estonia, sharing stages with the
likes of Kool Herc, U-Roy, DJ Spooky, Asian Dub Foundation, Alec
Empire, Squarepusher, The Bug, Vex'd and The Plastician, and many more.

A blogger (,, and, he
also writes a monthly column called Basic Needs for XLR8R magazine
covering "Low End Necessities from Ragga to Dubstep and beyond". In
2006 he wrote major features on Dubstep, Breakcore, and Berlin's Nu-Dub
Scene (Jahcoozi, The Tape, Al Haca, Tolcha, and Shir Khan), and has
done short pieces on The Bug, Debaser, Ghislain Poirier, 8 Bit Weapon,
Skream, Kode 9, and Dolphin and Teknoist.


Kode9 LIVE & DJ
with Badawi LIVE
Thursday May 24, 10pm
San Francisco
$12 presale $15 door

for more info and tickets visit:

Kode 9 - See above.

Raz Mesinai [Asphodel, The Agriculture]

Raz Mesinai (aka Badawi) is one of the primary forces for innovative
dub out of New York in the last dozen years. This is the kind of dub
spawned from his live percussion, piano and instrumental foundations
which is expanded upon technologically with a unique experimental
approach to the so- called world movement in music. Raz's knack for
hook laden dubtronic dancehall have influenced and inspired the newer
generation of dubstep musicians

Mesinai's electronic and electro-acoustic music exists at the
crossroads of composition, sound design and modern studio production.
His acclaimed recordings under the moniker Badawi, and as one half of
the seminal duo Sub Dub (with John Ward), are difficult to classify,
but have been called hybrid electronica /dub /percussion/avant-garde
compositions. Since 1999, Mesinai has been releasing music under his
own name as well, including three releases on John Zorn's "Tzadik"
label. and another three on Asphodel including his latest entitled
"Safe".Upcoming releases are a Badawi remix album featuring Dj Spooky,
Kode 9, Dj Rupture, among others, as well as a new Dubstep record due
to be released later this year.


Vladislav Delay LIVE
Sat. May 26, 8 and 10pm
San Francisco
$12 presale $15 door

for tickets and more info visit:

Vladislav Delay [Huume]

Vladislav Delay (aka Luomo and Uusitalo) is an techno/ ambient
producer and one of the most highly-regarded Finnish innovators in
experimental music and has recorded excellent work for some of
Europe's most challenging electronic labels: Chain Reaction, Mille
Plateaux, Thomas Brinkmann's Max.Ernst, and Staubgold. He seems to
be developing a dragon spirit. The year 2007 marks a satisfying 10-year
anniversary for the artist; it was in 1997 he released his first solo
EP "The Kind Of Blue" His latest release "Whistleblower" on Huume, is
an evolving repetition, a gradually yet naturally escalating mixture of
synthesiswith an organic feeling that pervades through rolling , dubby
basslines and sophisticated textural qualities.

His sonic approach relies heavily on a semi-random element, and many
undulating, complimentary and sometimes conflicting layers interplay
throughout most of his music.

Characteristic traits within Delay's sound are fractured and
syncopated percussion - often placed freely within the music, long
delay repititions of various sounds, syncopated use of vocal samples,
and complicated digital effect processing techniques. Generally, the
music has a very spacious and organic sound
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Post by staypuft » Sun May 20, 2007 8:14 pm

DAYYYYYYYYAM son, crazy lineups! hey if kode9 needs a ride to the bay I'll be driving up on wednesday.
staypuft on muyspace

still got some night kitchen and LA dubstep tees in stock.. check it

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Post by kid kameleon » Mon May 21, 2007 2:52 am

Thanks for the offer Tim, I think he's set on a flight. Looking forward to seeing you at the shows. LA folks, definitely get your tickets in advance if you're coming up, don't risk a sell out!

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Post by seckle » Mon May 21, 2007 3:36 pm

hyberdub virus coming for you...

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Post by twister » Mon May 21, 2007 7:20 pm

Big Week in SF !!

Save some juice for Surya Dub on 5.26 with Kush Arora's CD Release Party!!
Check my guest spot on KFPA:

May 27th - Backroom Bass, Dallas
Jun 19th - Dub Mission, Elbo Room SF
Jul 20th - Luka's, Oakland

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Post by diablo » Mon May 21, 2007 8:32 pm

Last minute or what??????

Big up the Fri. and Sat. morning tired at work crew!!!!!
Smoke 'em if ya got em

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Post by kid kameleon » Mon May 21, 2007 8:36 pm

Yeah, tell me about it. It wasn't supposed to be this way, but these things happen... should be killer though!

kid kameleon
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Post by kid kameleon » Wed May 23, 2007 2:19 pm

Directions and Location revealed. Check the bottom of the original post. See ya's tonight, it's gonna be a treat.

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Post by solee » Wed May 23, 2007 8:30 pm

yep...u guys are in for it

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Post by selector.dub.u » Wed May 23, 2007 9:29 pm

I b @ the pole and kode 9 1 2nite.
cant wait!
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Post by ivysomething » Thu May 24, 2007 1:22 am

ya'll have a blast! i'll be there in my dreams 2nite!

much luv

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Post by selector.dub.u » Thu May 24, 2007 6:34 pm

:) ivy!

Yes! Great sound in there. Pole was sehr guht w some crazy distortion action. and Kode 9 played some sweet new dubplates and the Sa-Ra and flying lotus music at the end was awesome. The sound in the compound is really good.

There is this new track that kode did w/ warrior queen that is off the fucking hook! Plus that MF doom remix is very good as well!

You guys are in for a treat if you go tonight!
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