Belgium Wave

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Belgium Wave

Post by BarJ » Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:06 am

Hey Guys,

So i have been listening to allot of Belgium dubstep and its got this unique wave which i am trying to recreate but add my own little this to it. I was hoping for some help on getting it there. Its very simmialr to Bukezt Finest, Pogman and my favourite at the moment Airvalue.

This track from airvalue is actually pretty awesome and the transtions are amazing. Was hoping someone could assist me with some tips on how they do it.

We call it the belgium wave and its awesome.

Thanks Allot!

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Re: Belgium Wave

Post by counterparty » Tue Jan 21, 2014 1:12 am

Hmm... I haven't heard of Airvalue, but I checked out the sound (your link is broken btw) and it really just sounds like a highly discussed type of dark, dungeon sound to me.

I did a quick scroll of other threads and saw this: ... 3&t=271360. To me it sounds like the exact same sound, a lot of guys are doing this imo. There was also a dungeon sound thread a while back that can get you better versed on that kind of dark, hollow sound.

I've never actually made a sound like this (mostly because I'm honestly not a fan of it), but I can tell you that it can certainly be made in massive. I think the key to it sounding "big" is the sub bass underneath, which is probably made separate from the synth itself. I would just experiment by LFOing the cutoff on a metallic sounding wavetable, drenching it in reverb, adding a little saturation (maybe ring mod too?)... then cut the lows on it and make a separate sub bass patch that follows along (and add some distortion on that to bring in some mids so that it fills out the sound a bit). It's crucial to leave some dead room in the mids so you get that nice high metallic wobble bass over a deep sub bass and the frequency gap will make it sound hollow
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