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Posted: Mon May 04, 2015 1:43 pm
by qpaudio
[QPA017] Redshift - Psynapse EP - Out May 4th 2015, Beatport 2-Week Exclusive - Everywhere else May 18th! ... sion-audio

1. Handsworth
2. Citizen Kaned
3. Eastwood (Wire & Napalm)

Supported by: Daz Breaks / Boomsha Recordings, DJ Virus Kool FM / Reinforced, Digitally Mashed (TDD / Nuskoolbreaks Radio), Tariq Ziyad / Future Jungle Blog, Pixel, DJ Juno, Love Lizard and more!

'A solid release mate...' Daz Breakz

'Nice drum programming... very deep sounds there' Basement Phil, Basement Records / Jack 'N' Phil

'Masters sound lovely on these tracks, I can really appreciate how good this tracks are hearing them in such fantastic audio quality goes without saying the tunes are great too, another fantastic QPA release' - Tariq Ziyad, Future Jungle Blog

'Redshift on it man...excellent just right for tonight's show... classss big-ups and appreciated as always' - Digitally Mashed

'Look forward to playing these out... thanks again. Big bless' - DJ Virus

We would like to send our love, appreciation, and thanks, out to everyone who has supported and continues to support our releases thus far, and our musical vision therein, from 2010 into 2015 and beyond!

Thank you all! - Everyone involved @ Quantum Progression Audio :)


Posted: Wed May 06, 2015 10:29 am
by qpaudio
Featured new release on Beatport! 2-week Beatport exclusive ... sion-audio

'Another solid release...' Jon James

'Seriously heavy!!! Yet another trip to the darkside, future junglistic style... a perfect blend of past and future beats... if anyone wants to sub categorise a future-darkcore genre... for any discerning lover of serious, headstrong breaks and bass.' Stuart Hayes, Strictly Nuskool Blog

'Full support here' Badhabit Recs

'Love this ep, big ups' DJ Juno