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Baddog Jungle 003 - J Bostron / RaggaScum & SKdaJunglist !!!

Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:01 pm
by jbostron
BadDog Jungle Presents:



J Bostron / RaggaScum & DJSKdaJunglist - BadDog Jungle 003

J Bostron - Mash Dem Down VIP
RaggaScum & DJSKdaJunglist ft. Negro Scoe - Sick With It

"BadDog Jungle comes charging out of the gate once again with its 3rd release showcasing ragga rudeboys, and girls, either side of the world. J Bostron based in Glasgow, Scotland hits it hard with the ‘Mash Dem Down VIP’; an amen smasher tied together by a devastating bassline and chilling vocal chops. Dubplate Business all around! The flip side comes direct from the heart of the USA with the ‘King of Scum’, Ragga Scum, alongside newcomer DJSKdaJunglist on the original tune, ‘Sick With It’ featuring vocals by Negro Scoe. Both tunes are highly anticipated by the ragga-jungle community and are already destroying dancefloors around the globe. Be sure not to miss out and pick up your copy today!" Kmag

Beats Digital
Chemical Records

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Re: Baddog Jungle 003 - J Bostron / RaggaScum & SKdaJunglist !!!

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2010 3:34 pm
by horse
fucking yes!!!!
two awesome awesome monolith-heavy slabs of true amen junglism!

fucking wicked