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What Standalone Sequencer/Sampler offers most?

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 8:24 am
by DimensionX
I'm interested in getting AWAY from the computer and onto a standalone device. Will be busking with it. This explains best what I am doing ( but I also understand I may not be able to work in my own way as every sampler has it’s limitations that I must be surrender to.

The newest electribe sampler isn’t as flexible as the octatrack but it runs on 6 AA’s!! And the Octatrack is too expensive to risk playing in the streets (though it isn't too flashy!) and I’d have to buy a battery pack. Is there something in between?

What Im looking for:

- Ability to load my own one shots/drums without stopping the sequence
- The ability to control the volume of each sound
- FX on each individual pad: compressor, reverb, various distortion etc
- Filter knobs that I can control more than one parameter
- The ability to change any of the sounds pitch/filter envelope's attack, hold and delay to create stabby and swelling sounds without stopping sequence
- Ability to control pitch subtly for oscillation movement (but that just sounds like i want a synth and they are too big!)
- Ability to play chords (again, might be too much to ask for, I suppose I can just pre write the chords in ableton)
- Size/portability is a MUST for me as I am on foot/backpack everywhere

I have a feeling that everyone is going to tell me to just get the octatrack but I am hoping there is a device I haven’t heard of yet! The other thing Im thinking is maybe a combo? I don’t know too much about these devices other than the octatrack, tr-8, roland x0x’s and electribes, but id like to have a single unit.

I understand I’m asking a lot but Im trying to survive outside working a normal job by teaching audio/music, few live shows and busking.

*reaching out*

Re: What Standalone Sequencer/Sampler offers most?

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 8:43 am
by soronery


Doesn't run off batteries, though you could get a 12v battery pack.

Alternatively, 1 or 2 x SP404s (Four Tet allegedly did a whole album using just two SP404s). SP404 does run on batteries. You'd need some sort of mixer if you were going to go with two, but it would give you more possibilities.

Re: What Standalone Sequencer/Sampler offers most?

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:13 pm
by fragments
I'm not sure anything, including the Octa, will let you load samples w/o stopping a sequence. AFIAK you'll have to prepare (AKA sequence) everything advance. I'd forget multiple devices personally. I think the SP505 looks promising. New Electribe Sampler. If my memory serves me correctly, you could do a lot of with an Electribe SX w/o stopping the sequence, but honestly it is easy to get lost when trying to tweak too much least it is for me...I've setup a lot of jams on the ESX and played them live...the more complex shit got the more things got fucked up. I'm pretty sure the new Electribe S has much more per-step programming than the ESX...which brings it close to Elektron territory in that regard.

Also...what are you expecting to use as a PA system and how are you powering that?

Re: What Standalone Sequencer/Sampler offers most?

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 10:01 pm
by DimensionX
Thank you for the suggestions, really having a hard time deciding but have been spending days on reading and watching tutorials on these devices, can't seem to find anything that isn't cheesy sounding techno/trance/house. Then again, I haven't really heard any stand alone artists that sound anything near say tipper

And I haven't quite figured the amp/speaker part yet but Im thinking a portable and chargeable amp, I also sometimes have access to city power/plug ins. I get around on a longboard so carrying something heavy isn't nearly as bad as walking with one, I actually used to carry a guitar amp that had 2 12 inch speakers in it, a smaller portable amp and on my back a guitar with pedal and drum machine 8km every weekend. Not gonna lie it was pretty brutal but I really love playing on the street.

My friend uses a pair of yamaha monitors but he has a license and a van! :corncry:

Re: What Standalone Sequencer/Sampler offers most?

Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2015 1:33 am
by fragments
Maybe check out Mistabishi for a good Electribe 2 demo (not the sampler, but still) he is like an Electribe mastermind...the only piece of gear I truly, truly regret selling is my Electribe ESX...I'm hoping the new sampler turns out to be awesome...I'd really love to have one back in my life...and now it has a fairly powerful synth engine in it!

You might also consider some Volcas and multiple Volca a Beats, Bass + sampler would be pretty bad ass...